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With the advent of the Web the world has grown smaller than ever. Communication of ideas and experiences is no longer hampered by distance or time as the whole world can be on the same virtual page at the same moment. Never before has there been such an incredible potential for constructive global change.

We have become a multicultural planetary community linked together through technology to achieve the highest aspirations of humanity.

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Green Party




Web Resources

Green Party

  • Green Party of the United States

    The Green Party of the United States is a confederation of state Green Parties. Formerly known as the Association of State Green Parties, in 2001 it was recognized by the Federal Election Commission as a national party.

  • Green Party of California

    The Green Party of California is part of the Green Party of the United States. Statewide information is available at this website.

  • Green Party International

    Green Parties around the world can be found by visiting this website.

  • Green Party of Alameda County

    This is the place find the latest news and information from the Green Party Council of Alameda County.

  • Green Party of Oakland

    The Oakland Greens are online as well as right next door.

  • Berkeley Campus Greens

    Since 1998 the Berkeley Campus Greens have been dedicated to informing students about the Green Party.

  • San Francisco Green Party

    One of the largest and strongest local Green groups in the US with over 15 thousand registered Greens.



US Federal Government

  • The White House: website

       President George W Bush email

       Vice President Richard Cheney email

  • The Senate:

       Senator Diane Feinstein website    email

       Senator Barbara Boxer website    email

  • House of Representatives:

       Barbara Lee website    email


California State Government

Alameda City Government

Other Resources



Regional Newspapers


San Francisco Chronicle website  

San Francisco Examiner website

Oakland Tribune website

Sacramento Bee website

Los Angeles Times website

Letters to the Chronicle

Letters to the Examiner

Letters to the Tribune

Letters to the Bee

Letters to the Times

Local newspapers.


Alameda Daily News website

Alameda Journal website

Alameda Sun website

Alameda Times Star website

East Bay Express website

San Francisco Bay Guardian website

Letters to the Daily News

Letters to the Journal

Letters to the Sun

Letters to the Times Star

Letters to the Express

Letters to the Guardian

Other newspapers links.



  • City CarShare

    An economcally viable alternative to car ownership that is good for the planet.

  • Alameda Open Space

    The Alameda Open Space group believes that the Beltline represents a critical, one-time opportunity to preserve and diminishing resource: open public land.

  • The Unity Council

    The Unity Council provides leadership and community advocacy, social service delivery and economic development for the families and children of the Fruitvale neighborhood, the City of Oakland and Alameda County.

  • The Center for Voting and Democracy

    The Center for Voting and Democracy is a national leader in the fight for proportional representation and other important reforms.


    Grow Democracy is dedicated to strengthening democracy in our country through IRV, elimination of corporate personhood and making election day a public holiday.


    ACORN® is the nation's largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, with over 120,000 member families organized into 600 neighborhood chapters in 45 cities across the country.

  • The Utility Reform Network (TURN)

    This site is designed to empower utility consumers to demand lower rates and quality services.

  • Alameda Peace Network

    Alameda Peace Network is a new group of Alameda residents who believe that peaceful solutions to local, national and international conflicts are possible and desirable. We are committed to non-violence and welcome diversity and new ideas.

  • Not In Our Name

    We believe that as people living in the United States it is our responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in our names.

  • Global Exchange

    Global Exchange is a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world.

  • Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)

    ABAG is one of more than 560 regional planning agencies across the nation working to help solve problems in areas such as land use, housing, environmental quality, and economic development.

  • Bay Area Land Use Coalition (BATLUC)

    The Bay Area Transportation & Land Use Coalition is a ground-breaking partnership of more than 80 groups working to maintain the region’s renowned high quality of life, achieve greater social equity, and protect our natural environment.

  • Pedestrian Friendly Alameda

    Visit here for information about creating pedestrian-friendly environments in Alameda and across America.

  • Alameda Transit Advocates

    Keep up to date on Alameda public transit issues.

  • Alameda Transportation Coalition

    The Alameda Transportation Coalition (ATC) is a coalition of bicyclists, pedestrians and transit riders who seek to achieve more comprehensive, effective and sustainable transportation solutions for Alameda.

  • Bike Alameda

    Pedal-power is advocated here. Check out their wonderful bicycle map of Alameda!

  • Bay Area Transportation

    The Bay Area Transportation Trip-planner will help get you there using public transit.

  • Out on the Island

    Out on the Island voices the concerns of our local gay, lesbian and transgender community.

  • Alameda Lesbian & Gay Network

    The Alameda Lesbian & Gay Network, or ALGN, was formed during the 2002 elections to cover local candidates from an LGBT perspective. Other items may be published from time to time. -Sherry Stoll

  • Friends of the Alameda Wildlife Refuge

    Thanks to the sponsorship of the Golden Gate Audubon Society, FAWR volunteers help maintain the Refuge and also provide environmental educational programs to kids from our local schools.

  • Grow Democracy

    Find out about Instant Runoff Voting, why it's a good idea and also why Corporate Personhood is such a bad idea.

  • The Home of Truth

    Since 1905 the Home of Truth has been a nondenominational church and spiritual center serving the interfaith community of Alameda. Their facilities are made available on a reservation basis, and at a reasonable fee, for conducting community workshops and classes.


Web Resources

  • Where are you on the Political Compass? Find out @

  • KPFA 94.1 FM: Real Community Radio

  • A Critical Decision, the work of William C. Gladish, is for those of us who need to learn more about the insidious nature of globalism.

  • Adbusters has the remedy for those who are sick of advertising. If you've had enough of this awful stuff check out their site.

  • Looking for a one-stop place for taking progressive action on the web? Check out

  • The Nation has provided "unconventional wisdom since 1865" -and they're not fooling. Terrific articles and regular columns on a mix of political and social issues.

  • Common Dreams is another excellent resource for the progressively minded, with tons of up to the moment articles on all sorts of issues. Also includes hundreds of links to progressive people and organizations!

  • Thomas is the ticket if you want to keep up on wassup with bills before Congress. Search for bills by their numbers or with keywords. Very cool!

  • Public Citizen, founded by Ralph Nader, has been concerned with protecting health, safety and democracy for over thirty years.

  • CorpWatch will help you keep a finger on the pulse of globalism while learning what it means and how activists around the world are responding.

  • The UC Berkeley Search Engine Page provides access to many of the most popular search engines as well as others that might be news to you.