Bylaws Committee


The Bylaws Committee is charged with maintaining the GPCA Bylaws and assisting with their amendment or revision. The Bylaws are amended by the General Assembly, which meets twice per year and consists of delegates from the counties. 

Get Involved

Bylaws Committee members are appointed by the Coordinating Committee. There are eight positions, plus that of the Coordinating Committee Liaison. The Bylaws Committee meets on the second Sunday of every month via Zoom, at state meetings and via email.  To get involved, please contact the committee co-coordinators or attend a committee meeting during a GPCA state meeting. To apply for appointment, contact the GPCA Coordinating Committee co-coordinators.

Members (term)

  • Mimi Newton - Co-coordinator  (8/2020 - 8/2022), past term (9/2018 - 9/2020)
  • James Lauderdale - Member )8/2020 - 8/2022), CC Liaison (6/2020 - 6/2022)
  • Kevin Sabo - Member (1/2022 - 1/2024)

Former members (term)
Laura Wells (1/2019 - 1/2021) cycled out, (9/2016 - 9/2018)
Adam Siegel- Co-coordinator (6/2017 - 6/2019)
Gloria Purcell (4/2017 - 4/2019)
Michael Feinstein (10/5/2011-10/2013) (reappointed 1/25/2014-1/2016, 1/23/2016-1/2018)
Jared Laiti 6/17/12-6/2014)

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