Finance Committee

Duties and Authority

The Duties and Authority of the Finance Committee are defined in Section 3.1 of the GPCA Fiscal Policy to include:  

• Support the Treasurer to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer.
• Provide assistance for GPCA fundraising activities.
• Establish a format for Requests for Payment and for Requests for Reimbursement.
• Budget
- Standardize the naming of budget lines for use in the annual budget process;
- Establish a format for standing committees and working groups to submit annual budget requests;
- Provide income projections for the annual budget, including income projections from work done by GPCA staff and independent contractors;
- Recommend to the Budget Committee a prudent reserve for the fiscal year and explain its rationale;
- Compile all annual budget requests, income projections and income and expense narratives from standing committees and working groups, combine them into an initial draft budget and submit it to the Budget Committee;
- provide an oral presentation of the written report to the General Assembly.
• Make proposals to the General Assembly to amend this Fiscal Policy.
• Collect funds owed to the GPCA.

Get Involved

The Finance Committee members are appointed by the Coordinating Committee.  There are eight members and two ex-officio members, the Coordinating Committee liaison and the Treasurer.  Eligible candidates must have attended at least one of the last five General Assemblies and demonstrate a working knowledge of the GPCA bylaws and operating procedures. The Finance Committee meets by teleconference on the third Thursday of each month.

To get involved, please contact the committee co-coordinators (please include your name and county) or attend a committee meeting during a GPCA state meeting. To apply for appointment, contact the GPCA Coordinating Committee co-coordinators

Members (term)

  • Justine Richardson, Treasurer, (11/2020 - 11/2022) appointed by the CC 3/2020.
  • Maxine (Mica) Daniel, Co-coordinator (8/2021 - 8/2023, CC Liaison 8/2020 - 8/2022). Past terms (Liaison, 2/2020 - 2/2022) (1/28/2012-1/2014) (reappointed 1/25/2014-1/2016, 1/23/2016-1/2018, 1/2018-1/2020) 
  • Former members

  • Frank Lambert (10/2019 - 10/2021). Past terms 3/2/2015-3/2017)(9/2017-9/2019)
  • David Bond (4/2021 - 4/2023)
  • Ruscal Cayangyang, Treasurer, (3/2019 - 3/2021) appointed by the CC 3/2019. Past appointment 2/2017 confirmed by the GA, March 2017 (3/2017-3/2019), Assistant Treasurer (appointed by CC 9/14/15, confirmed by the General Assembly, May 2016) (8/3/2015-8/2017)
  • Victoria Ashley, Liaison, Co-coordinator, resigned. Past terms 11/2020, 11/2018,  (8/8/2016 - 8/2018)
  • Bob Marsh (2/2017 – 2/2019)
  • Quinton Crawford (9/2017-9/2019)
  • Doug Barnett, Treasurer (appointed by CC January 2012, confirmed by the General Assembly, 5/12/2012, (reappointed & confirmed by GA 6/22/15) - term ends 6/2017)
  • Tim Laidman  (8/2011-1/2018)
    Susan Chunco  (1/25/2014-1/2016)
  • Kendra Gonzales (8/3/2015-8/2017)
  • Marla Bernstein (7/1/2013-7/2015, reappointed 11/9/2015-11/2017)
  • Ex-Officio Members: Internal Committee documents, password required