Platform Committee


The Platform Committee is charged with supporting the development of the GPCA platform. The Platform Committee sponsors all amendments to the party platform, and maintains and publishes the platform on the party's website and in hard copy.

The Platform Committee identifies issues not in the platform, consults with issue experts and formulates new platform positions. The Platlform Committee also assists the party in formulating positions on statewide ballot measures, and with press releases and other public statements.

Platform: Read the GPCA platform.  See how to submit an amendment.

Get Involved: Platform Committee members are appointed by the Coordinating Committee. There are eight positions, plus that of the Coordinating Committee Liaison. The Platform Committee meets by phone, at state meetings and via email. To get involved, please contact the committee co-coordinator Shane Que Hee at (please include your name and county) or attend a committee meeting during a GPCA state meeting. To apply for appointment, contact the GPCA Coordinating Committee co-coordinators

Members (term)

  • Shane Que Hee, Co-Coordinator (9/2020 - 9/2022), past terms (5/11-5/13,1/14-1/16, 1/16-1/18), (1/18 - 1/20)
  • Tarik Kanaana (6/2022 - 6/2024), past terms (4/2020 - 4/2022, 2/2018 - 2/2020, 12/2016 - 2018)
  • Eric Brooks (9/2020 - 9/2022)
  • Peggy Koteen (2/2021 - 2/2023), past terms (9/2010-9/2012, 11/2012-11/2014, 1/2015-1/2017, 11/2017-11/2019,)
  • Thomas Leavitt (11/2021 - 11/2023)