Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received March 25th, 2007

Name  -  Cres Vellucci
City - Sacramento
County  - Sacramento
Contact information -


I am the GPCA Press Secretary, a member of the Sacramento County Council, the GPUS Media Committee, GPCA Finance Committee (I coordinate state direct mail fundraising efforts) and over the past two election cycles worked as a press secretary and general campaign consultant for numerous Green Party candidates, including those running for state and federal office.

I am also on the organizing/founding board of the Sacramento ACLU, and a member of
Veterans for Peace. Recently, I helped organize a 52-day "peace-in" at a Congressperson's office to encourage her to vote against more funding for the Iraq War.

I am a former, longtime newspaper and wire service reporter and editor, and was the
political reporter for several daily newspapers at the State Capitol. Currently, I consult
primarily with a statewide social justice organization, and regularly provide free media
services for social justice groups, including those in environmental, anti-war, immigrant
rights and other similar organizations.

I look forward to participating as a California delegate to the GPUS to help aid
communication between our state and the national party, and I am also available to
provide any assistance I can to achieve our strategic goals.