Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States (alternate only)
(job description)
received March 25th, 2007

Name  -  Dana Silvernale
City - Blue Lake
County  - Humboldt
Contact information -


I would like to run for a Delegate seat on the Green National Committee. I am currently the Chair of the Humboldt County Green Party (GPHC) County Council, serving in that capacity since winning a position on the County Council in the June 2006 general election. At that time, there was serious contention within the Humboldt Greens. In the nine months since then, we have revised our bylaws, created a harmonious, productive organization, and have won the respect and support of the press and our allies in the peace, justice, and environmental community.

I am also serving on a number of GPHC committees: Communications (press releases, member linkage, and web site management); Fundraising; GROW (Tabling and Outreach); Planning Committee for the General Assemblies; Bylaws Committee; and the newly formed Planning Committee for the Strategic Planning Retreat (which we hope to hold late this summer). I attended the GPCA Strategic Retreat in February. I am currently learning web site design and will begin constructing a new web site for Humboldt Greens in April. I also serve as Secretary for the Northern Humboldt Greens local.

I work full time as a special education teacher (Resource Specialist Program) for Mattole Valley Charter School, serving home school families and small alternative school sites in northern Humboldt. I am also involved in the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County (DUHC), and the Co-op Affairs Committee of the Northcoast Co-op. I have led four study groups on Challenging Corporate Power and was on the Steering Committee for Measure T, the Humboldt County initiative to ban participation of non-local corporations in Humboldt County elections.
My participation in these campaigns involved hours of petition gathering, phone banking, and letter writing to the editors of local newspapers in addition to organizational responsibilities. I received training in consensus process from the WILPF National. I have participated in strategic planning for Measure T and Democracy Unlimited. I enjoy networking and working collaboratively with others. All of my experience has required active listening, conflict resolution skills, and creative problem solving.

My ultimate goal is to build the Green Party into a respected organization that can be trusted to implement the hopes and aspirations of the people we represent. In order to achieve that goal, I believe we must first build unity and consensus within the Party. How to help achieve these goals will necessarily evolve as I learn about the issues and processes involved. If chosen as a delegate, I will reserve judgment and decisions until I have garnered a full understanding of the issues and their potential impacts. I am able to attend both the May State Plenary in San Francisco and the National Convention in Pennsylvania. I can also participate in conference calls and email communications as much as time allows.