Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received March 19th, 2007

Name  -  David Blatte
City - McKinleyville
County  - Humboldt
Contact information - (707) 839-1055


My active involvement in the Green Party is relatively recent, beginning when I moved to Humboldt County from the Bay Area at the end of 2006 and became a member of the Humboldt Greens County Council. However, I have been an activist my entire adult life and have always embraced the Key Values of the Green Party. I have been a registered Green for eight years.

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1990 and spent four years as a public defender in Philadelphia, representing criminal defendants who could not afford to hire a private attorney. After that I moved to California and taught math at Berkeley High School. Following that I became executive director of Vegan Action, a nonprofit that promotes veganism. After that I started and maintained a private law practice in the new and developing field of Animal Law, providing representation whenever animals were in need of legal assistance. I am currently in the beginning stages of writing a book that details progressive approaches to current political issues, using the Green Party platform as a starting point.

The skills acquired as a lawyer are particularly pertinent to my continued involvement in the Party and as a delegate. In general, I am very interested in process and organization, and in particular I hope to join the GPUS committee on Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures. I also anticipate joining several committees in the GPCA, focusing where my legal and organizational skills best apply.

As a delegate, I will at a minimum attend all required meetings. On top of that, I hope to help shape the growth of the Party, both nationally and on the state level, through active involvement. This is a pivotal and dynamic time, and through our collaborative effort the Green Party can become an effective and influential voice in shaping the political debate.