Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received March 25th, 2007

Name  -  Kent Mesplay
City - Encinitas
County  - San Diego
Contact information - 858.652.9875


With your vote of support and encouragement I will continue serving the Green Party at the national level as a representative of California, a state rich in diversity and other resources. I have been registered with the Green Party since 1995. I run for high level public office (Presidency 2004, 2008; U.S. Senate 2006 (and I was pleased to earn 1/6 of the votes)) as a means of educating the public on green principles and drawing attention to local candidacies. Currently, I am helping coordinate college interns as a member of the Green Party San Diego County Council.

When re-elected as a delegate to the Green National Committee I anticipate providing further balance, calm and insight to our delegation while performing regular minimal duties of teleconference and state-wide meeting attendance and studying and voting on proposals put forth nationwide by other delegates. At the national meeting in Tuscon I co-authored and helped present from the floor a proposal to bring acceptable process to a grievance by one of the two state green parties in Utah. As a former rain-forest dweller, a descendant of the Blackfeet, a Ph.D. in the sciences and having an avocation in art and music and a county career dealing first-hand with air quality issues (and being a first responder and shelter manager in event of county-wide disaster) I am singularly qualified to comment on how ill prepared we are to contend with the negative consequences of global climate change.I am an advocate of Peace and of Indigenous rights and cultures (diversity value).

I am committed to building the Green Party at the local, state, national and international levels (I just responded to a Japanese journalist supporting a mayoral candidate in I'm now international in my outreach!)