Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received March 26th, 2007

Name  -  Linda Piera-Avila
City - Santa Monica
County  - Los Angeles
Contact information -
(310) 395-4044


My name is Linda Piera-Avila. I am a 27 year resident of Santa Monica. I have been registered Green since 1990.

I participated in the planning of the 1996 Green Party convention, held at UCLA, at which Ralph Nader was first nominated by the party to run on its ticket for

I have at various times been an active member of different Green locals, including the Los Angeles Greens and the Santa Monica Greens. I have previously served as secretary and as events coordinator for the Los Angeles Greens and am currently most active with that local.

Along with other Greens, I participated in the early days of the "Arlington West" Iraq War memorial, held every Sunday on Santa Monica Beach. I have participated in numerous peace marches and rallies. I coordinated the Los Angeles Greens Earth Day event in 2005 at which we hosted Greenpeace founder Rex Weyler.

I joined with other LA Greens to lobby LA City Council members to adopt STV voting methods.

I have volunteered on numerous Green campaigns, including Mike Feinstein's, Kevin McKeown's, and Byron DeLear's campaigns.

I have supported lobbying efforts in Sacramento to promote the Campaign for Old Growth and tabled many, many hours to collect signatures on the petition for said initiative.

As a known Green I served on the Board of the West Bluffs Conservancy, which (unsuccessfully) tried to save an adjoining bluff ecosystem, part of the larger Ballona Wetlands ecosystem.

More recently I participated in the occupation of the South Central Farm, providing a Green Party presence and liaison. I was quoted in a state press releaseregarding this issue.

Last September I was part of a 5 member Green Party contingent that joined a larger 300 person civil disobedience action, all undergoing arrest and overnight incarceration for the sake of promoting a living wage for underpaid hotel workers in the LAX hotel corridor.

I served as a delegate to a state plenary at least once, at the May 2005 General Assembly in Sylmar Plenary.

At this time I would like to assist the GPCA and serve as a national delegate to the GPUS.