Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received February 9th, 2008

Name  -  Marilyn Ditmanson
City - Chico
County - Butte
Contact information -
(530) 894-2885;


I am applying to be a California delegate to the GPUS. I would interpret my responsibility as a delegate to represent the will of Green voters of California. I am committed to transparency and democratic procedure and will work to ensure that the workings of the GPUS are known and accessible to as many Greens as possible.

I would consider it a goal to ensure that as many Greens as possible are aware of the opportunity to have input to the decisions made by the GPUS, and that proposed changes are considered as widely and deeply in the party as possible.

My Bio:
I have grown organic gardens since 1971.
I have used almost entirely organic food since 1973.
I have been a working member of food coops since 1972.
I have been on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Natural Food Coop and Chico Natural Foods Coop.
I have voted Green since 1992.
I have been a registered Green since 2000.
I served as treasurer and county council member for the GP of Butte County from 2000 to 2006.
I have been the primary speech and letter writer for the Green Party of Butte County since we have been active in local issues.
I served as North Central Regional Rep. Alternate from May 2005 to April 2006.
I served as North Central Regional Rep. from April 2006 to May 2007,
My term as California delegate to the GPUS is expiring. I am running for re-election.
I am very concerned with promoting the Green Party and Green Party issues.
I am hardworking and responsible.