Green Party of California


Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States

Received February 3rd, 200


Name Teresa L. Boardman
City Richmond, California
County West Contra Costa County

Contact information (phone/email)

510 725-5147


1) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills within of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.


I first became involved with the Green Party in the early 90's up in Portland, Oregon. At that time, it was very difficult to get a third party on the Oregon ballot. This was due to a political move on behalf of government to keep third parties out of the political process. We formed a group called the Pacifica Party, in alliance with the Green Party and began the process of getting third parties into the system. At the time, I was a radio announcer at KMHD radio and I was selected as the Public Spokes person on the committee to get a third party on the ballot. I have since moved to California and have been a registered Green Party member most of my voting life. I am currently a participating member of the Richmond Green Party. Please see resume below.


2) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills outside of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.


I have been a politically active citizen since 1978. I have a Bachelor of Social Work/Political Science from Western Michigan University where I began working as a caseworker in immigration and the military for Congressman Wolpe. I later was selected as an Honors College participant in a Washington, D.C. study trip. In Washington, D.C. I worked as a legislative intern and was exposed to several committees, agencies and organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. I have a Master of Public Administration and a teaching credential in journalism. I later because a News Radio Reporter and I am currently a Journalism teacher at Richmond High School.


3) Please describe your vision for serving as GPUS Delegate including addressing the job description for GPUS Delegate.


My vision is to bring more organizations and committees together in achieving the goals of the green party. Instead of setting up an organization with an “us and them” approach, develop more common ground and begin to work on serious issues from a working perspective. For example, many corporations know they must address environmental issues in order to have a healthy planet. In addition, several organizational standards are now requiring companies to include environmental impact in their business practices. I see the Green party working more closely with organizations to address these issues.

Summary of Qualifications



Š       Developed, implemented and managed Journalism Program Richmond High School; 70% Latino

Š       Coordinated and lead New York City journalism study trip

Š       Over 10 years business communication experience; including an overseas trip to Hong Kong to facilitate US relations

Š       Broadcast radio and electronic media expertise; as well as an internship at KQED radio in San Francisco

Š       Honors College Study - Washington, D.C. 16 Credit Semester

o      Legislative & Congressional Case Worker – Congressman Howard Wolpe

§       Communities member; African Affairs and Energy



California Designated Subjects Teaching Credential

            SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY – San Francisco, CA

            2005 – Present

            Credential Type: Vocational Education, Preliminary, Full Time

Subject Authorizations Requested: Journalism Occupations, Business Office Occupations


            California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)

            Permanent Passing Status

            Test Date: 02/21/04 ID# 40790495


Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Portland State University – Portland, Oregon

Emphasis in Statistics & Computer Technology

Degree June 1988

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW); Minor in Political Science in Public Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies

Western Michigan University – Kalamazoo, Michigan

Degree June 1982

Selected and participated in Honors College 16 credit study program in Washington, D.C. A study of Washington, D.C. as the National Center for the Arts and the Nation's Capitol



Additional course work:



            West Contra Costa Unified School District                                                                                                                                2004 to Present

            Richmond High School

            Richmond, CA


            Journalism I & II (electronic media)

Students expand English/Language Arts skills through creating and publishing the school on-line audio newspaper. Students practice varied forms of journalistic and creative writing including news, features, and sports stories. Local newspapers and other writing by professional journalist are used to examine and analyze style and syntax. The internet and computer applications are used extensively to create and publish to the website.


Qualified A-G requirement – Elective Coursework


Business Office Practices (Virtual Enterprise)

Virtual Enterprise VA is a method of instruction in simulated business operation that is used in Business Management and Marketing Management. The daily operations of student-run, web-based businesses provide authentic experiences and real-world application of business principles.


Regional Occupational PROGRAM (ROP)                                                             2003 to 2007

San Mateo County,, CA

Business Office Careers

Courses; Computerized Office Careers, Computerized Applications & Computerized Accounting & Beginning Computer Programming. Teach individuals with varying levels of experience office skills utilizing computer applications; includes, basic skills in math, english, and MS Office software applications.




Making It Reel                                                                                                                                                                                                             2002 to 2004


Research, conduct interviews, and develop in-depth stories on complex subjects for progressive radio highlighting people, voices, and issues not usually covered in mainstream media. Interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds to assemble stories, coordinating between subject matter experts, editors, managers, and story subjects.


Therasense, inc. – Alameda, CA                                                                              2000 to 2002

Technical Document Manager

Trained company staff on the use of Oracle database interface software, Agile; over 200 employees. Developed curriculum, prepared materials, wrote procedures and training guides, set up help desk and provided group and individual training.



Johnson & Johnson-Gynecare, Menlo Park, California 1997 - 1999

Technical Document Manager . Medical Device Company. Job Duties: Managed technical documentation department to assure full compliance will regulatory requirements; including, the FDA Worldwide Quality System. Liaison between Johnson & Johnson management staff and manufacturing plant. Performed and/or managed a wide range of tasks involved in taking a design to prototype and preparation for initial production release.



Hana Technologies, San Jose, California                                                                                              1995 - 1997

Account Coordinator

Job Duties: Semi Conductor Industry. Ensure customer load to forecast, customer/factory load to allocation, obtain customer forecast in a timely manner, provide information to worldwide forecast, negotiate allocation matrix, negotiate buyback agreements, track cycle time and provide customer requirements to factory, track die shipments and forecast/actual, meet with customers, supply reports, and coordinate vendor ratings.


LSI Logic, Milpitas, California                                                                                                                                              1994-1995

Material Planner/IS

Job Duties: Semi Conductor Industry. Order materials for various factories. Responsible for indirect materials. Run reports and use information to obtain upcoming material requirements. Order materials under the Just In Time manufacturing theory. Enough inventory to keep line running, with no overstock. Attend Material Review Board (MRB) meetings weekly to determine qualified materials. Request appropriate documentation to move material; waivers, Specs, and IQC.




National Radio Project – Oakland, CA                                                                   2001 to 2003

Freelance Reporter

Research, conduct interviews, and develop in-depth stories on complex subjects for this progressive radio program highlighting people, voices, and issues not usually covered in mainstream media. Interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds to assemble stories, coordinating between subject matter experts, editors, managers, and story subjects. Utilize Perform project management for stories, guiding them from inception to completion.

KPFA Radio – Berkeley, CA                                                                                     2000 to 2002

Reporter and Announcer

Interacted with various interviewees and staff to produce stories on deadline. Utilized production skills and tools, including digital field recorders and tape editing machines, computerized AP wire, and word processors.

¨     Selected as host for Sunday newscast.

¨     Increased internal focus on good radio production practices.

¨     City of San Leandro/LED Traffic Light program: “The City of San Leandro is receiving recognition as taking a progressive lead in saving energy. Last week the City received a check for approximately one hundred and forty six thousand dollars from PG&Es LED rebate program…”

¨     State Of The State: “Governor Gray Davis delivered his state of the state last evening, facing not only a $12.2 billion budget shortfall, but an upcoming election too…”

KCEA Radio – Atherton, CA                                                                                    1996 to 1999

Announcer & Programmer

Performed announcing and programming functions for this radio station, including interaction with management and callers, operation of board, and maintenance of air shift logs.

¨     Programmed a specialty 3-hour 100-year anniversary George Gershwin show.

¨     Submitted a fundraising proposal that was subsequently implemented by management.

¨     Tape available upon request

KCSM – San Mateo, CA                                                                                                         1995


Gathered stories from the AP wire, rewrote for broadcast and announced them on-air. Interacted with the morning anchor.

¨     Tape available upon request

KBOO Radio – Portland, OR                                                                                     1993 to 1994


Produced and announced news stories on the international, national, and local level.

¨     Developed the ability to break down complex issues and communicate them in a clear, understandable manner for radio audiences.

¨     Tape available upon request.


KMHD Jazz Radio – Gresham, OR                                                                            1990 to 1993

Announcer and Programmer

Operated the board, announced, and interacted with diverse station staff and community members for this local jazz station.

¨     Developed a specialty blues program that is still on the air.


KQED Radio News – San Francisco, CA                                                                                1994


Produced, researched and wrote in-depth stories for this leading public radio station in the Bay area. Interacted with staff and interviewees, including gubernatorial candidates during the 1994 election. Operated various media tools including field recording equipment and in-house telephone equipment.


            ABINA HUMAN RESOURCES CENTER – Portland, Oregon                                                  1986-1987

            Community Coordinator

Assisted in the development of policy regarding school-based teen health clinics. Met with community members to develop policy, plans, goals, and implementation. Initiated Community Board. Met with Community Leaders to determine direction.


            CONGRESSMAN HOWARD WOLPE – Kalamazoo, MI/Washington, D.C.                                           1981-1982

            Legislative Intern

Constituent Caseworker in the Kalamazoo office. Caseload constituted primarily of complex problems involving all branches of the armed services and federal immigration matters. Joined congressional staff in the capacity of legislative intern. Working closely with professional staff, provided background research and responded to constituent inquires.


Community Activities


         Life Ring Secular Recovery – East Bay, CA                                                                                                                              2001-2003

            Group Leader

Facilitate group meetings with people of diverse backgrounds. Life Ring optimizes the active ingredient of every organized recovery effort through peer support.  Life Rings are small circles with a conversational format, focusing on current events in participants' lives. Feedback (crosstalk) is encouraged. Develop meeting format working from a workbook exploring current educational and health issues.

Sanborn Park Hostel – Hostelling International – Saratoga, CA                                                           1994 -1998

President/Vice President

Served on the Santa Clara Hostelling club to assist in establishing policy, budget, and working with national headquarters. Hostelling international severs all ages and strives to bring a better understanding between diverse groups through sharing daily living experiences.