Green Party of California

Application for Alternate, Delegation to Green Party of the United States (alternate only)
(job description)
received March 15th, 2009

Name  -  Béa Tomaselli Tiritilli
City -
County  - Orange County
Contact information -


If GPCA can't find anyone else to serve as an alternate delegate, I'll do it. Frankly, I think we should spend most of our time on local campaigns, but I do see merit in maintaining GPUS.
I believe I am qualified because:

• I've been a registered Green for nearly two decades, and an active Green for nearly half that time
• I've served as a GPOC councilmember since 2005
• I ran for Congress as a Green in a special election later that same year
• I've served as a delgate for GPCA Assemblies three times
• In addition to the Greens, I have served in leadership roles in several orgs., including the Sierra Club, two progressive charter-school boards, my neighborhood association board, two orphan-advocacy groups, and other non-profits