Green Party of California

Application for Alternate, Delegation to Green Party of the United States (alternate only)
(job description)
received March 15th, 2009

Name  -  Kevin Reilly
City - Oakland
County  - Alameda
Contact information -, 510.387.7732


I offer myself as a candidate for a position as an alternate national delegate from California. I have served on the County Council of Alameda County for two terms, as a delegate to the state plenaries, and as an organizer for the local chapter in the City of Alameda. I have previously assisted the Alameda County treasurer during his absences from the county. I attended the national party convention as a California delegate in 2000 (Denver).

I have been active in the struggles for peace and justice, anti-apartheid, poor people’s movement, health care reform for single payer, and electoral reform. I served as treasurer for San Francisco Neighbor-to-Neighbor for the Proposition 186 campaign for single payer health care in 1994. I worked as a Community Organizer for the California Nurses Association from 1996 – 2002, assisting in numerous collective bargaining, legislative and regulatory campaigns. I participated in anti-toxics work with the Toxic Links Coalition and its constituent groups, and helped to shut down the medical waste incinerator on High Street (Oakland), in 2001. I was supportive of the Green Party's campaigns: Audie Bock for State Assembly, Nader 2000 and Rebecca Kaplan's run for Oakland City Council in the same election. I have served several terms as a member of the Restoration Advisory Board for the clean-up at Alameda Point (formerly Alameda Naval Base) from 1999 - 2004.

I am currently employed as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Samuel Merritt University and practice nursing with a home health agency. I see my role as an alternate as a way to contribute my time, vision, and strategic experience toward the growth of the party at the national level, particularly in the area of health care reform.