Green Party of California

Application for Delegate, Delegation to Green Party of the United States (alternate only)
(job description)
received March 17th, 2009

Name  -  Merriam Kathaleen
City -
County  - Santa Clara
Contact information -, (408) 482-6032

My name is Merriam Kathaleen and I am applying for an alternative delegate position. As a member of the Green party of Santa Clara County I was very involved in the Impeachment movement from 12/06 to 11/08. From 11/07 to 11/08 I facilitated a weekly Impeachment demonstration in front of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's district office in San Jose. Our Impeachment group was a coalition of Green Party members, Democrats, Republicans and Independents and we spent our time lobbying Zoe Lofgren to support impeachment of then President George W. Bush and Vice-president Richard Cheney. Throghtout the year we had several meetings with Representaive Lofgren as well as meetings with her staff.

I am currently involved in the Free Gaza movement and am starting a local Door to Door campaign to educate our local community about the Israeli occupation of Gaza.

I am developing a team of volunteers for this campaign.