Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received March 11th, 2009

Name  -  Ross Frankel
City -
County  - Los Angeles
Contact information -
Green Local: Green Party of California in Los Angeles, County Council

GP Positions Currently Held:
Councilmember, District 25
Treasurer of GPLACC
Facilitator, By-Laws Committee GPLACC
Facilitator, Community Outreach & Fund Raising Committee, GPLACC
Liaison from GPLACC to GP California Coordinating Committee
GP Recent Presence: BAC Summit: CA Constitutional Convention Symposium in Sacramento, Feb. 2009
GP Pending: Campaign exploration, possible run for Board of Equalization, 4th District.

Other Political Experience: (Republican, Democrat, Green, & non-partisan)
2008 Office & Field Volunteer, No on Eight Campaign / EQ CA
Early 2000’s Office & Field Volunteer, Zeidler, Assemby & Superior Court Campaigns
2000 Office Volunteer No on Prop. 22 (Knight Initiative)
1990’s Field Volunteer, Munro-Robb, Campaign for City Council
1990’s Office Volunteer, Senator Hayden, Campaign for CA Senate
1980’s Office & Field Volunteer, Staff member, Galanter, L.A. City Council,
1980 Field Volunteer, Anderson, Presidential Primary Campaign
Other Community Experience:
1994-2005 Assistant to the Treasurer, Hacienda HOA Inc
2005-2007 Treasurer, Hacienda HOA Inc. (three terms)

Employment Experiences:
Financial Manager, portfolio of over twenty community associations.
Supervisor, Assistant Manager of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit & Collections.
Junior Staff Accountant for Fixed Assets & Cost Accounting.

Vision & Commitment:
Having a financial background, I bring practical, pragmatic, and revenue-conscious qualities to the GPUS delegation. Passing resolutions and motions are great—but are there financial impacts that require consideration? Oftentimes, yes. My knowledge may be useful to explore the fiscal feasibility of various proposals—and perhaps offer arguments to support the proposal, or suggestions to mitigate financial-related effects.
Having a department management background, I seek for careful, thoughtful balances between ideals of de-centralization and responsibility, prioritization between local representation and competency, accommodation of both the ‘star’ and ‘team-player’ elements within a professional collegial environment. I seek to obtain Green Party Mission, Goals and Objectives ideally through practical, measured, ethical, and unbiased actions.

Having a core dedication to environment, I seek to restore the balance-of-nature and healthy-nature within human lives and within the world at large.