According to many of the original residents of this land, Mount Diablo is the point where the creative forces, in the form of an Eagle, or Condor, came together with the mountain. Grandfather Coyote created the people at Mount Diablo, along with everthing that would be needed for life.
The Diablo Greens is a recognized local of the Green Party of Contra Costa . As part of the Green Party of California we will follow the "Ten Key Values" (see below) as well as working with other Green Parties in Contra Costa and throughout California. In addition, because the Green Party is more then just the 140,000 registered Greens in this state, we will be working with the Green Party of the United States as well as other Green Parties throughout the world.



Please join us on
Monday, December 5
6:00 PM - 8:00PM

We'll be at
Mountain Mikes Pizza

1962 Contra Costa Boulevard, Pleasant Hill

We order food to share at 6:00 PM with the meeting starting about 7:00 PM.

Listen to reports from two Water Protectors just back from the nonviolent protests at Standing Rock

For more information, contact
Craig (925-671-7025)

Please support progressive politics in the Diablo Valley.

The Diablo Greens are solely supported by concerned, progressive citizens. We do not accept corporate donations, nor are we currently receiving funds from the State or National Green Parties.

You can send donations to:

The Diablo Greens
P. O. Box 3363
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

The Green Party's Ten Key Values
(Los Diez Valores Claves del Partido Verde)

Ecological Wisdom   /  La Sabiduría Ecológica

Grassroots Democracy
La Democracia del Nivel Local

Social Justice & Equal Opportunity
La Justicia Social e Egualdad de Oportunidad

La No-Violencia

La Decentralización

Community-Based Economics & Economic Justice
La Economía Basada en la Comunidad y Justicia Económica

Feminism & Equality
Feminismo y Equidad

Respect For Diversity
El Respeto para la Diversidad

Personal-Global Responsibility
La Responsibilidad Personal y Global

Future Focus
El Enfoque en un Futuro Sostenible

Click here to examine the Values in depth, as interpreted by the Green Party of the United States (in English).

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Help us to continue to bring the Green Party's platform and values to bear on local issues in the Diablo Valley, Lamorinda, and Tri-Valley areas.


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