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No on Prop 14

The GPCA is organizing an effort to educate voters about Prop. 14. We will pursue this action in the news media, through community outreach, and with a voter registration drive this Spring leading up to the June elections.

This site is intended as a resource for those actively working on the "No on Prop 14" campaign. It contains resource and reference material. If you have material to contribute, send it to (


Current Materials and References

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The file format and size are noted in [   ] brackets.


Final Letter Writing Project

Please help by sending a letter to the editor! This announcement provides you with all the tools you need to compose a lettter and find a local paper in just a few minutes. [TXT 5 KB]

Stop Top Two web site

A very good site from the folks at the Free and Equal Foundation

Prop 14 Flyer

Tri-fold, colored flyer for general distribution. [PDF 1.3 MB]

Native file in Adobe Illustator format [AI 2 MB]

Update: The flyer content was updated on Mar. 26 to be more generic and less centered on the GPCA.

Printing tips: Printing a tri-fold takes some experimenting to get it to line up properly. If printing from Adobe Reader, set Page Scaling to 'none.' Do not shrink or scale. Do 'Auto-Rotate and Center.' Use your printer's 'Bordeless' or 'Print to Edge' printing feature, if it has it. All printers vary so you will have to expirement.

Prop 14 Quarter Sheet Handout

Four-per-page handount; double-sided; black & white. [PDF 263 KB]

Build Your Own Flyer

Generic text to build your localized flyer. In MS Word format. [DOC, 26 KB]

GP graphics are at Scroll down to the "Icons and Logos" heading.

Sample Op-Ed Piece

UPDATED   A Green Party op-ed opposing Prop 14 and promoting IRV. Can be trimmed down for a letter to the editor. In MS Word format. [DOC, 26 KB]

Letters to the Editor

226 word letter. In MS Word format. [DOC, 23 KB]

144 word letter. In text format. [TXT, 0.9 KB]


"No on 14" bookmarks. One-page. Print a stack, turn the paper over and print again, then cut. Paper cutter recommended. In MS Word format. [DOC, 45 KB]

Prop 14 Handout

One-page handout written by GPCA Press Secretary. Media oriented. [PDF 163 kB]

Project Announcement

Original announcement sent to Green Party Locals. Background info, organizing and talking points. [web page]

Fresno Literature

Fresno County contributed a flyer and button art advocating No on 14 and Yes on 15. You need Microsoft Publisher to open the files, which can then be customized for your Local.
MS Publisher is standard equipment the Microsoft Office suite. Probably usable in Open Office suite.


Two-sided, quarter-sheet flyer. [PUB 32 kB]

Button Art

For 2.25" button stock. [PUB 26 kB]

Anne Menasche Editorial

Reproduction of Green Party candidate for Secretary of State's editorial in East County Magazine [web page]