Application for a
cagreens User Account

Please read the statements below and answer all questions

A user account provides you with a email alias that will forward to your regular email address. You must have a user account to access any cagreens directory where web pages are hosted.

Please cut-and-paste the following form into an email and send it to .

Have you read the “Acceptable Use and Terms of Service” policy and agree to abide by its rules and guidelines?



What is your contact information?





With which county Green Party are you active?



What tasks will you use this account for initially (examples: web maintenance for a committee, working group, county, etc.; general IT support; special projects)?



What name do you want for your alias address ( [name] )?



This alias will forward to the address entered above unless otherwise specified here.



NOTE: You must use SSH2 or SFTP protocol for secure file transfers to and from a cagreens directory.

Microsoft Windows users
If your file transfer client does support these secure protocols, we recommend the freeware WinSCP (

MacOS users
Please get MacSFTP and MacSSH ( and/or NiftyTelnet SSH

Unix (including Linux, Mac OS X, and xBSD) users
Read this page -