Green Party of California

Subscription Form for the County Contacts List

The Contacts list is used to distribute official business messages from the state party to the local organizations.

There are two categories of people allowed on the Contact list:

  1. County Council members. All councilors should be subscribed to the list.
  2. Any active Green in a county may subscribe with confirmation from a councilor.

Each person who is to be on the Contacts list
must fill out the one of the forms below.

    County Council Member







      NOTE: If your council has an email alias address that forwards to all members, you can request that we use that address rather than the individual councilors' addresses. But, you must still provide the personal contact information for our database.
      If you want a county alias to be used, provide it here.

      Council Email Alias: 


    Active Green contact, not a council member





This list is managed by the Information Technology Group, and your cooperation is needed to keep our communication system functioning.

The IT group has developed rules and procedures governing broadcast lists, such as the Contacts list. You can find a link to the document on the IT web site if you want more detail on how this system works.

If you have problems or questions, send a message to the IT HELP address.