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Agenda Process

Agenda items for the plenary will be accepted up until 6 weeks prior to the event.

All proposals to be considered by the General Assembly must first be approved and presented by a standing group (standing committee or working group). These groups shall act in the role of advocate for the proposals they present to the General Assembly. The presenter shall disclose to the General Assembly whether the group brings the proposal forward with consensus or by a vote.

Submitting Agenda Items

All items for the agenda must received by the agenda committee at least 60 days prior to the general assembly, since the goal for sending out the agenda packet is 45 days prior to the assembly.

If you have an item you would like included in the agenda packet for the next general assembly (not gathering), please follow these guidelines for agenda packet submittals.


Plan in advance! A proposal that requires an official vote of the Party must first be submitted to the standing group that is likely to deal with that particular issue. Standing groups are responsible for sponsoring proposals, so they will work with the originator in preparing the presentation. Be advised that it is the standing group's responsibility to determine if the proposal is ready to be presented. When the proposal is ready, it is sent to the agenda committee for inclusion in the agenda packet and scheduling of time.

Sometimes a proposal does not seem appropriate for an existing standing group. In those cases, send it to the CC through your regional representative, but we would like to keep this to a minimum.

Proposals must be written in the established proposal format.

Consent Calendar

Simple, straight-forward proposals, such as endorsing a worthy green cause, may be put on the "consent calendar." This is a list of easily-approved proposals that will be put before the plenary as one, inclusive item. At the plenary, if anyone feels a particular issue in the list needs discussion, it will be pulled from the calendar and assigned to an appropriate standing group.

It is up to the agenda committee and the CC to determine if a proposal fits the consent calendar criteria, and it can be pulled from the calendar by any concern at the plenary, so be judicious about what you submit. Submit items for the consent calendar to the agenda committee contacts.


There is a limited amount of space in the agenda packet (due to cost constraints) so announcements are not usually included. The agenda does include a general announcement period for people to make brief announcement to the plenary session.

Email submittals are preferred. We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines. This helps us keep the Green Party running more smoothly.