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Honoring differences of opinion, GPCA tells individual Greens to decide

For immediate release: May 8, 2003

Beth Moore Haines, GPCA Spokesperson, 530-277-0610,
Ross Mirkarimi, GPCA Spokesperson, 415-412-7526,
John Strawn, GPCA Spokesperson, 805-689-2840,

SACRAMENTO - In its trademark consensus style, the Green Party of California (GPCA) ended last weekend's state meeting with this unanimous decision: the state party organization will not join Republican efforts to recall Gray Davis. However, Greens say they will be ready with a candidate if the effort proves successful, and some individual Greens are already working on the recall.

"The Green Party wants to make sure this recall is not used by the Republicans to install a Governor who does not represent the will of the electorate," Peter Camejo, the Greens' candidate for governor in 2002.

"We also recognize that the vast majority of Californians are rightly disgusted with the actions of Gray Davis and his absolute failure as Governor. California's income rose to record levels and in spite of that Davis destroyed our budget. He needs to be removed and replaced with a fiscally responsible leader. Greens have little confidence that the Democratic Party, who supported Davis, or the Republicans, who simply want to cut taxes to help with wealthy, are the answer," Camejo observed.

Polls show Davis' approval rating is at a new low, dropping last week to just 23%. While most Greens have held a similar opinion for some time, they expressed mixed feelings about participation in the recall plans.

"As disappointed as we are to see teachers being laid off and crucial health and social services being cut due to Davis, Greens have no interest in electing a Republican," said Santa Monica Mayor pro tem Kevin McKeown. "Our focus remains on putting good Green Party candidates on the ballot, so voters can elect people who actually keep their campaign promises."

Though the Green Party of California has withheld endorsing the recall effort, Green locals and individual Greens are free to participate in the petition drive if they so choose.

"Greens are active in several campaigns right now, and gearing up for upcoming elections," noted GPCA spokesperson Beth Moore Haines. "They are working on single-payer health care, Instant Runoff Voting, a livable wage for the working poor - the things a responsible governor would be doing, had one been elected. Those working on the recall hope to see that happen."