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Green Party of California

No Nominee Yet at Green Party
Nominating Convention Saturday;
Cobb, Camejo/Nader Factions Lead

For immediate release: June 26, 2004

Cres Vellucci, GPCA Spokesperson, 916-996-1970,

MILWAUKEE Delegates at the Green Party National Nominating Convention here failed to pick a nominee for President in early voting Saturday. The balloting will continue to a second round late Saturday afternoon.

With 418 delegate votes needed to secure the nomination, California attorney David Cobb, in a bid to become the Green Party's first Presidential candidate after Ralph Nader was chosen in 1996 and 2000, garnered 308 votes.

Peter Camejo, the California Green recall and gubernatorial candidate, received 118.5 votes, and his running mate on the Independent ticket, Nader, received 117.5 delegate votes, for a total of 236 delegates.

The "no nominee" and "none-of-the-above" options received 110 votes, while Lorna Salzman received 40.5 votes and Kent Mesplay 23.5.

Sara Amir, an official with the California delegation, said the convention delegates have been contentious at times, but "this is what democracy is all about.

"It's very exciting. We don't know who our nominee will be, but what we do know is that every delegate and candidate is committed to do the best for the party," she said from the convention floor Saturday.


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