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Fahrenheit 9/11's Michael Moore Backs Green Candidate Over War Democrat In Key State Congressional Race

For immediate release: Wed., July 21, 2004

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SAN FRANCISCO Fahrenheit 9/11 creator Michael Moore has endorsed a Green Party candidate over the longtime incumbent Democrat Rep. Tom Lantos in California's 12th Congressional District (San Francisco/San Mateo), according to film maker's website.

The election of Pat Gray, the Green candidate, is "pretty achievable" because of a "strong anti-Lantos movement," said Moore, who calls Lantos a "war hawk."

Gray who believes the U.S. should pull out of Iraq immediately said voters in her district are strongly opposed to the war, as evidenced by two candidates who ran against the 12-term incumbent Lantos in the Democratic Primary.

"You can't find people in District 12 who are enthusiastic for this war," said Gray, a community activist and former schoolteacher. "We are very much opposed to war but also to its secondary effects on us at home. There is no money for schools, health care and environmental protection."

Moore's website has now been rebuilt, excluding the endorsement. What follows is the text regarding Gray on

"Incumbent Tom Lantos is a Democratic war hawk who helps blur the line between the two major parties. He's angered his constituency by voting and behaving like a Republican, leaving no clear choice for voters in the area. That's where the Green Party's Patricia Gray comes in. A former teacher, artist, and social activist, she has organized for issues like universal health care, energy deregulation, and public funding of political campaigns. She stands a decent shot at winning, too, as part of San Francisco is included in her district, and there is a strong anti-Lantos movement. So we've got an experienced Green running for office in a highly progressive area with no real Democratic candidate? (Her) election could be pretty achievable."

Gray is also endorsed by Green heavyweights San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, and former Green gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo, and one Democratic Primary opponent of Lantos. Her campaign has already raised more in individual campaign contributions than any other Green congressional campaign in California history.


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