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Green Party of California

California Greens Support Joint Resolution to Repeal Major Parts of Controversial USA PATRIOT Act in State

For immediate release: Monday, August 17, 2004

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SACRAMENTO – The USA PATRIOT Act should be repealed, and California should be one of the first states to say so, according to Green Party candidates for state and federal seats.

The Greens say they support Senate Joint Resolution 22, which is expected to come to a vote this week. Under SJR 22, the state legislature would "urge" Congress to repeal major portions of the USA PATRIOT Act that are unconstitutional and agree to not use any state "resources" to enforce any of the controversial provisions of the act.

The Green Party of California has been a major supporter of SJR 22, authored by Senate Pro Tem John Burton (D) and sponsored by key Republican lawmakers.

Among the to-be-repealed provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act cited by SJR 22 are those allowing racial profiling or harassment based on race, ethnicity and color; information gathering of political, social or religious organizations; the collecting of personal information, such as library, video, medical, student or other private records; and the eavesdropping on conversations between lawyers and their clients.

"Congress just doesn't get it. The USA PATRIOT Act is about as anti-American as you can get. Having the largest state in the Union reject it should send a strong signal that it's bad law and that Congress needs to undo its error," said Stuart Bechman, the Green Party's congressional candidate (24th District, Ventura/Santa Barbara).

"Whether it be the 19th century Chinese exclusion act, the post-WWI Red Scare, or the incarcerations of Japanese Americans during WWII, our government later claims regret. The USA PATRIOT Act stands for American ‘Exceptionalism,' our exceptional ability never to learn from our own history," said Lawrence Rockwood, a Green Party candidate for Congress (53rd District, San Diego).

At least 340 U.S. cities and four states have voted to repeal the PATRIOT Act.


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