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Green Party of California

SF Green identified as protestor arrested during Bush acceptance speech; CA Greens criticize abusive treatment of demonstrators

For immediate release: Friday, Sept. 3, 2004

Cres Vellucci, State Press Office, 916-996-1970,
Beth Moore Haines, GPCA Spokesperson, 530-277-0610,
Sara Amir, GPCA Spokesperson, 310-270-7106,

SACRAMENTO The Green Party of California Friday heavily criticized the abusive treatment of peaceful demonstrators jailed during the GOP convention and applauded two Greens, one a former Senate candidate and another a protestor who held an anti-Iraq war sign a few feet from the President during his acceptance speech.

June Brashares, a San Francisco Green and member of Code Pink and Global Exchange, was arrested Thursday night 5 rows from President Bush. She had delegate credentials, and was given a chair by former California governor Pete Wilson. She later stood on the chair to unfurl a banner that said: "Bush Lies, People Die," according to a San Francisco Chronicle report.

Former Green Senate candidate Medea Benjamin, founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink, was also removed by security earlier in the convention when she unfurled a banner calling for an end to the Iraq War.

The GPCA charged that the treatment of those jailed for peacefully protesting at the contention is unconscionable. Reports from the jails indicate that hundreds of those detained were not allowed to see lawyers, were fed rotten food, not provided drinking water and forced to sit in floors covered with chemicals. A New York State Supreme Court judge Friday ordered the city to release hundreds of people who had spent 48 hours or more in jail and fined NYC for contempt of court after it failed to comply.

"The abuse of those who dissent is unconscionable. Law enforcement is supposed to protect and serve, not to abuse and oppress. I applaud those whose bravery and courage in exercising their Constitutional rights has incarcerated them," said Tom Hutchings, a retired law enforcement officer and Green candidate for 33rd AD (San Luis Obispo).

"The expression of opposition to the actions of our government is being forcibly repressed," said Pat Gray, GP congressional candidate, 12th CD (San Francisco/San Mateo).

"The New York City police are acting like an occupying army, brutalizing U.S. citizens for daring to exercise their right to dissent. How tragic for our country that, under the current regime, free speech only exists when it's convenient for our rulers," said Terry Baum, Green congressional candidate in the 8th CD (San Francisco).


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