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Green Party of California

Green Party of California demands Senators Boxer, Feinstein ‘challenge the legitimacy' of Ohio Electoral College delegation

For immediate release: Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2005

Cres Vellucci, State Press Office, 916-996-1970,
Beth Moore Haines, GPCA Spokesperson, 530-277-0610,
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SACRAMENTO (January 4, 2005) – The Green Party of California – after spearheading a recount of the Ohio presidential vote – is encouraging U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein of California to challenge the legitimacy of Ohio's Electoral College delegation when Congress votes January 6.

It takes just one U.S. Senator to challenge the vote, but in 2000, the House Black Caucus – which again is challenging the vote – failed to challenge Florida's Electoral College vote because not one Senator would join in challenging the disenfranchisement of thousand of voters.

"Neither Senator Feinstein nor Senator Boxer felt that the loss of the right to vote by thousands of voters was worth the trouble of speaking out in 2000. We challenge them to do so this time," said Craig Peterson, a member of the GPCA steering committee.

The recount in Ohio, asked and paid for by the Green and Libertarian parties, has only been timidly supported by the Democratic Party, he said, adding: "Now it's up to at least one U.S. Senator to join members of the House to challenge the Ohio delegation."

"California voters should know where their Senators stand on supporting a challenge to the Electoral College vote on January 6. They should know if the people they put into office understand that any person losing their right to vote is wrong, whether that leader is in Kiev, Bagdad, or Washington DC," added Peterson.

Peterson said that the GPCA is encouraging all registered voters to contact the offices of Feinstein and Boxer to urge them to challenge the Ohio delegation.

Neither Senator has made an official statement other than to say they are considering the issue


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