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Green Party of California

Six arrested at state office distributing union newsletters; Green Party says it's more proof Schwarzenegger is anti-worker

For immediate release: Wednesday, August 26, 2005

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SACRAMENTO (August 26, 2005) The Green Party of California decried the continuing attacks on working people by the governor today after union leaders were arrested in a state building here this week as they attempted to distribute newsletters to employees at the state Department of Transportation.

"We stand with our brothers and sisters in organized labor," said Tom Bolema, a teacher and member of the California State Employees Union (CSEA), adding, "The governor represents big business special interests, and those interests want to see organized labor die."

"It should now be obvious to everyone that Gov. Schwarzenegger is anti-worker, whether it's teachers, nurses or those who work for the state. His Special Election directly attacks workers, and now he prevents union literature from being distributed as required by law," said Craig Peterson, a member of the Green Party and the American Postal Workers Union.

At least six people including the secretary-treasurer of Local 1000 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) were jailed Wednesday for trespassing and refusing to obey a police officer after they entered a "restricted" area of CalTrans.

"Whether it's workers in the hot fields of the Central Valley, or office personnel in state offices, people have the right to organize and unions have the right to communicate with them. These arrests were wrong," said Hank Chapot, the GPCA archivist and team member of AFSCME.

SEIU is allowed access to its members at work sites, according to the SEIU contract. At least one lawmaker said the arrests could spur hearings on the matter.


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