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Green Party of California

Green Party of California tabs Schwarzenegger, Bush as 2005 ‘Bad Guys,' lists Cindy Sheehan, Green activist killed in Iraq among ‘Heroes'

For immediate release: Friday, December 30, 2005

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SACRAMENTO (Dec. 30, 2005) – The Green Party of California today released its annual "Heroes & Bad Guys of 2005" list – featuring Gov. Schwarzenegger and Pres. Bush – and also noted the progressive party's highlights for the year.


*(Special Remembrance) The Late Marla Ruzicka. Longtime human rights activist and Green Party member Marla Ruzicka died tragically in Iraq in a car bomb blast in April. Ms. Ruzicka, who was from Lakeport, California, was the founder of Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC), which negotiated with the U.S. government to compensate civilian victims of the war in Iraq.

* Cindy Sheehan: Honored for waging a powerful campaign for peace in the name of her son, Casey, who was killed in Iraq. Cindy's call for an immediate end to the war in Iraq is consistent with the Green Party platform for peace, and her own bravery in the face of tragic personal loss has inspired anti-war activists around the world.

* June Brashares: This Green Party member and Code Pink activist exposed Bush's lies about the Iraq War on his home turf at the Republican National Convention. June was prosecuted for exercising her Constitutional right of free speech, but was acquitted on all counts in the Summer of 2005.

* Aimee Allison: This anti-war activist brought fresh ideas and community activism to Oakland in her run for Oakland City Council in a Special Election in early 2005. She did not win, but the Gulf War conscientious objector and expert counter recruiting organizer is considered a favorite in her next run for public office.

* Malik Rahim: New Orleans Green for his leadership in starting the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans and was one of the first responders to meet the needs of the people abandoned in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Today, Common Ground operates a free medical clinic, distributes tons of food, supplies and cleaning equipment and provides advocacy and support for the returning residents of New Orleans.


* Arnold Schwarzenegger: He killed Tookie Williams, attacked unions, thumbed his nose at nurses and patients and continues to break his promise to get special interests out of politics by taking money from big pharmaceutical companies doing business with state of California.

* George W. Bush. Name for repeatedly violating the law, and so far, getting away with it

In other Green Party of California highlights for 2005:

* State Minimum Wage Initiative. In the wake of Gov. Schwarzenegger's second straight veto of a modest hourly minimum wage increase, Greens announced they will spearhead an effort, for the November 2006 ballot, with other progressive political, labor and social justice groups to raise the minimum wage by as much as $2 an hour.

* Ross Mirkarimi Assumes Office. The Green Party's highest elected official in one of the nation's largest cities was sworn in as San Francisco Supervisor, replacing outgoing Board President Matt Gonzalez, who chose not to run. Ross has recently broken an impasse over Medical Marijuana and the regulation of "pot clubs." He is also working to stem the increasing tide of violence in his district, and has introduced legislation to bring public financing to San Francisco's mayor election.

* Greens Win More Seats. The Green Party of California won four seats – of five races entered – during November's Special Election, giving Greens 64 elected seats statewide, including seven positions in Los Angeles County. Hilary Bradburg-Huang defeated a longtime Republican incumbent for a seat on the Pasadena City College Board of Trustees. Green incumbents Jim Harvey and Paul Perkovic won re-election to the Montara Water and Sanitary District Board in San Mateo County, and Nicole Vigeant won a seat to the Community Service Area in Tomales Village in Marin County. Earlier in the year, Karl Warkomski became the first Green Party mayor in Republican-dominated Orange County when he was elected by fellow Aliso Viejo city council members.

* Greens Denounce Killing of Tookie Williams. As the only major political party opposed to the death penalty, the Green Party of California denounced Gov. Schwarzenegger's decision to not grant clemency to Stanley "Tookie" Williams, who was executed.

* Councilmember Goes Green. Three-term Napa City Councilmember Harry Martin – the founder and owner of the Napa Sentinel – announced mid-year that he re-registered as a member of the Green Party.

* War as a Congressional Issue. Special election congressional candidates Pat Driscoll (5th CD, Sacramento) and Bea Tiritilli (48th CD, Santa Ana) make immediate withdrawal from Iraq their campaign battle cry in spirited elections, creating a series of media events that made the war the hot topic to reporters covering the races.

* The Iraq War. The Green Party, led by Green veterans, took the lead in demonstrations against the war. From counter recruiting at military entrance facilities to the schools, Greens pressed to end recruiting and the war.

* Legislation & Civil Rights. The GPCA supported Muslims harassed by the federal government, worked for legislation apologizing to Mexican Americans who were unfairly and illegally sent to Mexico in the 1930s and also supported Hilton, UC, farmworkers and other unions who had to strike, or threaten to strike to receive fair wages and benefits.


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