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About the Green Party of San Mateo County

The Green Party of San Mateo County (GPSMC) is affiliated with the Green Party of California (GPCA), a ballot-qualified party with about 120,000 members. GPCA is in turn affiliated with the Green Party of the United States (GPUS).

Our mailing address:

Green Party of San Mateo County
1081 Granada
Belmont CA 94002

Contact us at 650-593-7032 or write;

Our bylaws are available on-line.



County Council

County Council members are elected to two-year terms in even-year (gubernatorial and presidential) primary elections.

The current CC members for the 2012-2014 term are:

Sanda Everette, Chairperson, SGA delegate sanda at
Gloria Purcell, honorary lifetime commitment gloria at
Michael Batchehelder "Binky" piranhabros at
Cindy Asrir, Media Liason, SGA delegate casrir at
Mark Roest, SGA delegate marklroest at
Joel Sarch jsarch at




We work to plan general membership meeting each month, often with speakers or videos on subjects of interest relating to the 10 key values of the Green Party of California.

GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE MEETING: We generally have a meeting monthly, but the date varies currently. Please contact us to find out when and where. All Greens are invited to attend and take part in the discussion and decision making. Usually decisions are made by consensus of all in attendance. (If a vote is necessary only the elected Council members may vote.)

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These rules effective 18 July 2005

Green Party of San Mateo County Council

Ten Key Values

The Green Party differs from many political parties because it is not hierarchical and centrally controlled. Instead, the local group is fundamentally where decisions are made and actions are taken. Greens throughout the world can unite regionally, statewide, nationally, or even internationally to take on issues bigger than a single locality. We can unite because we share a common value system, which specifically includes the following ten key values :

Ecological Wisdom

The Greens recognize that the Earth sustains all life processes. Green ecology moves beyond environmentalism by understanding the relation between abuse of people and abuse of nature.

Social Justice and Equal Opportunity

Greens want to replace the worldwide system of poverty and injustice with a world free of oppression based on class, gender, race, citizenship, age, sexual orientation, disability, or belief.

Grassroots Democracy

The powerless suffer the most from resource depletion and toxic pollution. Greens believe in direct participation by all people in the environmental, political and economic decisions that affect their lives.


Greens reject violence as a way of settling disputes; it is shortsighted, morally wrong, and ultimately self-defeating.


Power and responsibility must be restored to local communities within an overall framework of ecologically sound and socially just values and lifestyles.

Community-Based Economics

Greens seek a new economics based upon the limits of our natural resources, which meets the basic needs of everyone, under democratic, localized community control.

Gender Equity and Cooperative Values

The ethics of cooperation and understanding must replace the values of domination and control over others. Our primary focus is in the nurturing of our world and each other.

Respect for Diversity

Greens honor the biological diversity of the Earth and the cultural, sexual, and spiritual diversity of Earth's people. We aim to reclaim this country's finest ideals: popular democracy, dignity of the individual with liberty and justice for all.

Personal and Global Responsibility

Greens are committed to global sustainability and international justice through political solidarity and in personal lifestyles based on self-sufficiency and minimal resource impact.

Future Focus and Sustainability

Greens seek a society where the interests of the seventh generation are considered equal to the interests of the present. We must reclaim the future for our children and ourselves.