Earth Day’s 50th anniversary is April 22, 2020. There are many individual changes we can make to celebrate Earth Day, but we know that in addition to individual efforts, institutional changes are necessary.

Right now, even during this time of COVID-19, we can encourage friends, family, and everyone to take a strong institutional action and register Green by April 22, 2020. By this simple yet powerful act we are reclaiming our democracy, demonstrating that Green Values can win against the status quo politics of war and Wall Street! We are using the untapped power of our party affiliation to send a strong message that we are taking a stand for our planet.

If you are not a Green we invite you to Register Green by April 22, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. For those who are already Green, please use this link to check your registration and forward it to friends and family and invite them to take this powerful step.

Use the power of your voter registration to put People, Planet, and Peace over profit!

The reasons are simple:

- What powers do we have to make our voices heard?
1. The power of our votes, in primary elections, general (November) elections, and special elections.

2. The power of our Party registration!

- Why change my voter registration to Green?
1. Your Green registration is the easiest way you can pressure the system toward your values all year long. It is how you make your stand for the planet official.

2. When you register Green you stand with a party that stands with YOUR values, and does not demand that you put aside your real values as the corporate parties do.

3. The Green Party can not be sold to billionaires and their corporations.

4. Your Green Party registration helps the only national corporate-free political party maintain ballot access, and overcome the hurdles the two-party system puts in the way.

- How can I expand my impact?
1. Think of everyone you know who wants a better environment, and offer them this “invitation to consider”.

2. Help your friends and family learn about the Green Party and our 10 Key Values that are shared by nearly everyone.

3. Support the Green Party of California in anyway available to you: Donate (no amount is too small), Volunteer, and Advocate.

- Does my voter registration limit my voting choices?
Many people worry about this and need to know that any voter can vote for any candidate in November elections, no matter what their voter registration is.

Read more from Laura Wells about our power to pressure the government at https://laurawells.org

#RegisterGreen #RegisterYourValues