There are six active standing committees appointed by the Coordinating Committee: Bylaws, Clearinghouse, Finance and Fundraising, Information TechnologyMedia and Platform.  

To be eligible for appointment by the Coordinating Committee to one of the standing committees, one must have attended at least one General Assembly within the last five and/or be a Standing General Assembly delegate; and demonstrate a working knowledge of the GPCA bylaws and operating procedures.

There is also the Budget Committee, which is half appointed by the Coordinating Committee and half by the Finance Committee, and the Campaign Funding Support Committee, which is 1/3 appointed each by the Coordinating Committee, Finance Committee and the Campaigns & Candidates Working Group; as well as two sub-committees of the Coordinating Committee, State Meeting Planning and Personnel.

To become involved, please contact the co-coordinators of each committee and/or attend a committee meeting during a GPCA state meeting. Their contact information is available on each committee's web page. To apply for appointment, contact the GPCA Coordinating Committee co-coordinators.