Coordinating Committee minutes, August 1, 2011

GPCA CC Teleconference Minutes
Monday, August 1st, 2011

#1. Welcome and setup, roll call, quorum check

Coordinating Committee members present (16): Adrienne Prince (Central Coast), Sanda Everette (at-large), Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Alex Shantz (at-large), Dave Heller (at-large), Lauren Sinnott (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Michael Borenstein (Central Valley, north), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles), Sean Dodd (at-large), Tim Laidman (at-large),Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley) Joe Feller (at-large), Kate Tanaka (at-large), Michael Rubin (at-large)

Coordinating Committee alternates present (1): Dave Switzer (San Diego, for Jeffrey Quakenbush),

Coordinating Committee members not present (2): Jim Geraghty (at-large), Jeffrey Quackenbush (San Diego),

Invited Participants (1): Jeanne Rosenmeier, GPCA Treasurer

Faciliator: Barry Hermanson chosen by consensus
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein chosen by consensus
Vibes Watcher: Victoria Ashley chosen by consensus

Process Proposal (Feinstein): Change #12 to a decision item

Approved by consensus

Process Proposal (Borenstein): Add appointment to Bylaws Committee and Budget  Committee

Proposal withdrawn in response to outstanding concerns

#2.  Report (Rosenmeier) Treasurer's financial report for period ending June 30th

Written report summarized and attached

#3. Decision: Establish procedure to elect Coordinating Committee Co-coordinators/co-chairs and appoint Standing Committee members. - Mike Feinstein

Unresolved outstanding concerns:

Bloomberg: doesn’t feel proposal was published in agenda, that  it contains two items, not one
Switzer:  wants more time to discuss item
Borenstein – agrees with prior stated concerns

Proposal was divided into two parts, first on procedure to elect  Coordinating Committee Co-coordinators/co-chairs and second on procedure to appoint Standing Committee members

Adrienne Prince - N - N
Barry Hermanson  - N - N
Joe Feller  -  N - N
Kate Tanaka  -  passed on voting
Matt Leslie  -  N - N
Michael Borenstein  -  N - N
Michael Feinstein  -  Y - Y
Michael Rubin  -  A - A
Sanda Everette  -  Y - Y
Sean Dodd  - N - N
Tim Laidman  -  Y - Y
Victoria Ashley   -  Y - Y
Warner Bloomberg  -  N - N
Alix Shantz  -  N - N
Dave Switzer -  Y - Y

Result: 5-8-1 on both proposals, neither proposal passes

#4. Call for nominations and election: Female Co-coordinator/co-chair to fill remainder of term through February 2013

Nominations: Sanda Everette self-nominated on the CC email list prior to the teleconference. No new nominations were made.

Yes: Prince, Hermanson, Feller, Tanaka, Leslie, Borensteine, Rubin,  Laidman, Ashley, Bloomberg, Switzer
No: Feinstein
Abstain: Dodd, Everette, Shantz

Result: Everette appointed 10-1-3

#5. Call for nominations and election: Male Alternate Co-coordinator to fill remainder of term through February 2012

It was stated that Matt Leslie had been previously appointed Male Alternate, although no documentation was presented, so no nominations were made.

#6. Appointment: Campaign Funding Support Committee

Nominations: Michael Rubin self-nominated. No other nominations were  made.
Outstanding concerns:
Feinstein: the CC does not have an agreed upon procedure to make this appointment. Will stand aside.

Approved by Consensus, Rubin appointed to the Campaign Funding Support Committee

#7. Appointment: Finance Committee

Nominations: Doug Barnett and Tim Laidman both submitted applications before the Coordinating Committee meeting.
- Laidman:
Outstanding Concerns:
Feinstein: the CC does not have an agreed upon procedure to make this appointment. Will stand aside.
Bloomberg: feels does not have enough information. Will stand aside.

Approved by consensus, Laidman appointed to Finance Committee

- Barnett:
Outstanding Concerns:
Feinstein: the CC does not have an agreed upon procedure to make this appointment. Will stand aside.
Borenstein: feels does not have enough information. Will stand aside.

Approved by consensus, Barnett appointed to Finance Committee

#8. Decision: Endorse California Nurses Association Main Street Campaign (Leslie)

Approved by consensus

#9. Decision: Reschedule September Coordinating Committee meeting from Labor Day, September 5th to the following Monday, September 12th (Hermanson)

Approved by consensus

Joe Feller and Adrienne Prince left call

#10. Decision: Proposition 14 legal strategy (10 min) - Barry Hermanson, Michael Rubin

Agenda item changed at meeting from "schedule special executive session meeting of the  Coordinating Committee to consider Proposition 14 legal strategy" to "join Proposition 14 lawsuit".
Process Proposal (Bloomberg): That the Coordinating Committee go into Executive Session to hear this agenda item
Approved by consensus

Outstanding concerns: outstanding concerns were stated, but not included in the minutes per procedrues regarding reporting on Executive Session, which was to record decision only. Given unresolved outstanding concerns, decision went to a vote.

Proposal (Rubin): To join Proposition 14 lawsuit as presented by Michael Rubin

Yes: Hermanson, Laidman, Rubin, Switzer, Tanaka,
No: Bloomberg, Dodd, Feinstein, Leslie, Shantz
Abstain: Ashley, Borenstein

Proposal not approved: 5-5-2

#11. Report/Discussion: Update on planning for Ventura Gathering (Prince)

Prince left call, item not heard

#12. Proposal: LA County hosting General Assembly in December 2011 (Feinstein)

Proposal: That the Coordinating Committee approve the following dates and location for the next General Assembly

Dates: Friday night, December 2nd (Coordinating Committee meeting and  any other on-site meetings), Saturday, December 3rd (General Assembly)   and Sunday, December 4th (General Assembly)
Location:  Vermont Square United Methodist Church, Los Angeles

Approved by consensus

#13. Decision: Review Draft Coordinating Committee Rules and Procedures and approve on-line voting process to discuss/approve them before next CC meeting (Feinstein)

No time to hear the item.

#14.  Announcment (Dodd): Green Tea Party (anti-tea party rally), Aug 27, 2011 in Napa.