Fundraising Committee


The Fundraising Committee is charged with creating and implementing methods to gain donations for the Green Party of California. The Fundraising Committee shall have the duties and responsibilities as provided for in these tasks, including:

  • Create and implement the annual fundraising plan to achieve the party's fundraising goals, through written fund appeal letters, phone calling of prospective donors, email or online fundraising activities including the use of social media, and coordinating statewide fundraising activities among County Councils.
  • Coordinate with other standing Committees, staff and volunteers as appropriate, to create and execute fundraising plans and programs.
  • Participate in the GPCA Annual Budget planning process as specified in the Fiscal Policy.


The Fundraising Committee has eight members including the Coordinating Committee Liaison, and the Treasurer, who serves as a voting ex-officio ninth member. Members are appointed by the Coordinating Committee.

To get involved, please contact the committee co-coordinators (please include your name and county) or attend a committee meeting during a GPCA general assembly. To apply for appointment, contact the GPCA Coordinating Committee co-coordinators.


  • John Schmit (Co-coordinator, CC Liaison: 10/2020 - 10/2022)