Gathering Candidate Petition Signatures

The statewide candidate filing fees to get on the ballot can be as high as $4,400, however gathering signatures from any registered California voter can help defray these costs. The 2022 very limited signature gathering period is January 3 to February 9, and the number of valid signatures candidates need to gather is 4,750.

Please help collect as many petition signatures as possible, as soon as possible by following the simple instructions below. Volunteer TODAY!

Your help will enable our candidates to use their much needed donations on strong and inspiring candidate statements instead of administrative filing fees. Contact us ( with any question about how to help.

How to gather signatures:
1- On a single sheet print a 2-sided form for each of our seven candidates, you can find electronic copies of the forms listed at the bottom of this page. Each form has ten signature entries and must be filled out legibly with black or blue ballpoint pen. You will likely need to print multiple copies of each form.

2- ANY registered California voter, regardless of party affiliation, can sign petition forms so to collect signatures you may plan a gathering of friends and family, plan a public event at a park or community center, attend an unrelated event and/or visit a location where people are gathering in order to reach as many registered voters as possible.

3- Near the top of a signature form, add the name of the county where you plan to collect signatures. Collectors must ensure that all signers on a form are residents of the same county noted on that form. Have extra forms for each candidate handy in case some signatories live in other counties.

4- Each signer should provide their info "as they're registered", they will print their full name and address, and sign. If signers are unsure about how they are registered (i.e. maiden name, address, etc.) they can check their registration details at:

5- Before turning in any forms, you MUST FILL OUT the “Affidavit of Circulator” section on the back bottom of each form. PLEASE NOTE: none of the signatures on the form will be valid if the collector section is not properly completed!

6- After completion, it is best to submit the forms in person to the elections office of the county in which the signers live (same as the county noted on the forms). Contact the appropriate election office to get details on hours and where to drop off. Find county election offices contacts at:

7- All forms must be submitted to the appropriate county elections office no later than the close of business on Wednesday, February 9. Please keep track of the number of signatures you gather and if possible, report that to us ( so we can track our progress!

Tips on gathering signatures:
- Observe Covid safety practices, wear a mask while gathering signatures, and practice social distancing as much as possible.
- Put a set of seven candidate forms (see files below) on a clipboard so signers can complete one, flip and repeat. Have at least a couple of clipboard sets handy for other signers and counties.
- Have plenty of blue or black ballpoint pens in separate cups marked clean and used.
- Print a copy of our signature gathering FLYER with QR codes and one of the statewide candidate webpage. Invite interested signers to view and take pictures of these pages.
- Keep it simple, ask: “Please help put our candidates on the ballot! -- It only takes a few minutes!" while pointing them to the clipboards.
- When they approach and before they sign, ask "Are you registered here in XXXX county?" if not designate another clipboard to sign for their county.
- When they're ready to start signing, note "Please fill it out as you're registered", and remind them there are several candidate forms to sign.
- Before they walk away, check that they filled out the form properly, if not, work with them to complete it.
- You may want to keep a set of forms in your vehicle or with you to make use of opportunities that happen to come up to gather signatures.

Candidate Petition Forms: Click on each candidate name to download pdf files of their forms. Print multiple copies of each.
Luis J. Rodriguez
Gary Blenner
Laura Wells
Meghann Adams

Dan Kapelovitz

Nathalie Hrizi
John Parker