Green Party calls for inclusion of Ranked Choice Voting capability in LA County voting equipment

June 2, 2015

To: Voter Modernization Board

Subject: Ranked Choice Voting capability in LA County

Dear Voter Modernization Board,

The Green Party supports new voting capacity in Los Angeles County that specifically and explicitly provides for certified Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) capability as exists in Alameda and San Francisco Counties.

Many cities and other jurisdictions looking for ways to increase voter turnout and citizen participation in elections, with some cities turning to district elections as the only available option to address representation issues. The lack of a certified and available RCV option would be an abdication of the responsibility of government to provide a full menu of voting options to facilitate a vibrant and representative democracy.

If the system implemented in Los Angeles County is only theoretically adaptable to add RCV later, dependent upon the additional cost and time of a separate certification process, that would be a disincentive to those considering it, and would send the wrong message by treating tools for a fuller democracy as expensive ‘add-ons’ rather than necessities.

With so many cities across the US adopting RCV for local elections, and with polling suggesting voter experience with RCV has been positive, LA County’s proposed new system could hardly be called ‘modern’  if it lacked certified RCV capability.  We urge you to only support a plan for LA County that includes certified RCV capability.


Sanda Everette, Alex Shantz     
Co-coordinators, State Coordinating Committee, Green Party of California      

Michael Feinstein
Spokesperson, Green Party of California