Ten of the thirty two California Green candidates are elected to office on Nov. 6th.

The Green Party of California thanks all our courageous candidates and congratulates California's newly elected Greens.

Ten of the thirty two California Green candidates have been elected to office after the November 6th elections! Eight of those ten elected, were incumbents. California's three Green congressional candidates ran grassroots people-powered campaigns that garnered record numbers of votes in their districts for Green congressional candidates.

Kenneth Mejia, US House of Representatives, District 34 (Los Angeles County, California)
Received 24593 votes, 25.8%

Rodolfo Cortez Barragan, US House of Representatives, District 40 (Los Angeles County, California)
Received 17454 votes, 22.1%

Laura Wells, US House of Representatives, District 13 (Alameda County, California)
Received 14,983 votes, 12.3%

Elected Greens (10):

Larry Bragman, Water District, Marin County (incumbent)
Laura Esperanza Surls, Canyon Elementary School District Board, Contra Costa County
Leslie Castellano, City Council of Eureka, Humboldt County
Jacob Coan, Governing Board Member, Humboldt County (incumbent)
Bruce Delgado, Mayor of Marina, Monterrey County (incumbent)
James Harvey, Water and Sanitary District, Humboldt County (incumbent)
Jose Lara, Governing Board Member, Los Angeles County (incumbent)
Dana Silvernale, North Humboldt Union HS District, Homboldt County (incumbent)
Jim Smith, School Board of Trustees, Canyon Township (incumbent)
George Wheeler, Community Services District, Humboldt County (incumbent)

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