Founding of the People of Color Caucus


Founding of the Green Party California People Of Color Caucus took place during the GPCA General Assembly in Sacramento in June, 2004. On Saturday, June 4th four persons of color sat down to share concerns and create goals for the caucus to work on. The next day the document they created was circulated to others of color and GPCA European-American Supporters and Friends. Additional goals, ideas and corrections were added. The California Greens below wrote their signatures on the original document.


  1. Create an awareness of the role the 10- Key Values have and or can play in the daily lives of People of Color in the state of California.
  2. Ensure a welcoming and supportive environment in the GPCA, i.e. meeting, plenary, and gathering where children would enjoy and develop civic activities.
  3. Increase the civic participation of People of Color in the state of California.
  4. Empower and provide a safe environment for historically disenfranchised (i.e., Immigrants and People of Color) in the Green Party of California.
  5. Target and promote a comprehensive outreach to People of Color in the state of California, including voter registration and candidate recruitment on to the GPCA Coordinating Committee and GROW.
  6. Work for proportional representation for People of Color in the GPCA in all offices and duties.
  7. Coordinate with GROW a method of cross-cultural tabling and recruitment training for the GPCA.
  8. Create a statewide 4-year plan to address affirmative action and challenge white supremacy and racism in order to affect a change in consciousness of the GPCA membership for deep understanding amongst us.
  9. Translate all GPCA media materials into Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog; and to ensure all GPCA materials are culturally sensitive.
  10. Lobby the GPCA Coordinating Committee for the creation of a reserved space / seat on the GPCA Coordinating Committee for the People of Color Caucus.

Founding Members

Co Facilitators

  • Veronica Lopez, Sonoma County
  • Tahan K. Jones, Alameda County

Local Representatives

  • Newell Taylor, Nevada County
  • Magali Offerman, San Diego County
  • Greg Jan, Alameda County
  • Ali Moefli, Sacramento County
  • Christina Olague, San Francisco County
  • Charlene Smythe, San Francisco County
  • Kimm Killebrew, San Francisco County
  • Kalmran Alavi 
  • Sharon Peterson, Contra Costa County
  • Barbara Shults, Humboldt County
  • Peter Camejo Sacramento County
  • Ryan Dunning 

National and State Representative

  • KCM Curry, GPUS-BC, GPCA-BC, LA County

GPCA European-American Supporters and Friends of the Caucus

  • Susan Chunco, Sonoma County
  • Forrest Hill, Alameda County