Guidelines and Duties for the GPCA's Green National Committee Delegates and Alternates


Approved by consensus at March 2005 GPUS delegation teleconference.

Background: The goal of this proposal is to construct an agreed-upon set of guidelines for delegate and alternate responsibilities and expectations. This is so potential new Delegates and Alternates can decide if they're up to the task and which role would fit them best.
Purpose: So that Delegates and Alternates are aware of their duties and responsibilities, accept their delegation seats with this knowledge, and aim toward fulfilling these standards during their term(s) of office. Also so that the GA or the delegation can make informed decisions at elections and to the assist the co-chairs in deciding whether to initiate outreach, follow-up actions or at last resort, recall proceedings.
In recognition of Delegates' individual contributions and personal responsibilities, including work on other national committees, the Co-Coordinators and the Delegation may use flexibility and discretion with the following guidelines to enforce appropriate participation and fulfillment of duties. If requested, Co-Coordinators may grant Delegates and Alternates a leave of absence for a short period of time (not to exceed 6 months).
1) Discussion of Proposals
All Delegation Members will participate in Voting Discussion periods and Proposals by subscribing to the GPUS-COO Voting Listserve ( and the GPUS-CA Delegates Listserve (, and by engaging in relevant discussion on these lists. At minimum: Delegates must subscribe to these two lists.
2) Voting
Expectation: Delegates will vote 100% of the time. At Minimum: Delegates should participate 90% of the time by voting or proxy their vote to the Co-Coordinator or Vote Manager for assignment, or by an Alternate Voting Rule adopted by the Delegation. Alternates will be given the opportunity to vote at least once a year as directed by the Co-Coordinators.
3) Monthly Teleconferences
Expectation: Delegates will participate in monthly teleconferences when scheduled by Co-Coordinators. At Minimum: Delegates should participate 75% of the time by attending teleconferences and/or notice the delegation of all expected absences. Notice will constitute an excused absence. Alternates should attend at least three teleconferences a year.
4) Delegation Meetings (in-person) at Plenaries
Expectation: Delegates will attend all delegation meetings at GPCA plenaries. At Minimum: Delegates should attend one plenary per year and/or notice the delegation of expected absences at Plenary Meetings.
5) GPUS Coordinating Committee Annual National Meetings
Expectation: Delegates will attend Annual GPUS Meetings. At Minimum: Delegates should attend one ANMs per two year term, and/or notice the delegation of expected absences at Annual National Meetings. Alternates should try to attend 1 meeting per two year term
6) National Committee Membership
Expectation: Delegates will be an active member of at least one National Committee, Caucus, Steering Committee, Organizing Committee, and/or GPCA Working Group or Committee, within three months of election to the Delegation. Co-Coordinators may be exempt from other Committee participation. At Minimum: Delegates and Alternates should be Observers on at least one GPUS Committee
GPCA Bylaws. Article 11. Delegates to the Green Party of the United States (Passed June 2004).
List of GPUS Delegation Duties
Last updated on June 21, 2006 by N. Pratini.
The purpose of listing these is so other delegates can take one or a few tasks upon themselves!
Schedule teleconferences (usually monthly)
Schedule special meetings: Plenaries, Annual GPUS meetings, retreats
Solicit and compile agenda items; circulate draft agenda
Facilitate teleconferences and meetings
Monitor posting of draft and final minutes to listserve
Webpage updates: minutes, rosters, proposals, upcoming votes, etc. (Webpage Nanny position)
Liaison with GPUS committees keep track of memberships, etc.
Track start and end dates (and participation?) of Delegates and Alternatess? (Tracker position?)
Prepare annual workplan and budget
Liaison with GPCA CC and other Committee Co-chairs (usually by participation on listserves)
Prepare periodic reports of delegation activity (for webpage, Plenaries, etc.)
Send out vote reminders; assign Alternates to vote as needed; keep Alternates involved (Vote Nanny and Alternate Nanny positions?)
Prepare and distribute periodic announcements of vacancies on delegation and committees, actively recruit members from underrepresented groups (Recruitment subcommittee)
Prepare and present delegation proposals to GPCA Plenaries; prepare candidate bios and request election team and agenda time for delegation elections.
Provide orientation for new delegates; sign them up on voting page and listserves (Newbie Mentor position?)
Track bylaws changes needed; periodically prepare amendments for delegation and GA approval (Bylaws Committee)
Keep this list updated and use to help train new Co-Chairs!
Additional duties related to Annual Meetings:
Coordinate site logistics (hospitality suite, meeting rooms, carpooling, etc.)
Advertise and coordinate financial assistance as needed
Monitor delegate attendance and coordinate decision-making and voting system
Additional duties related to Nominating Conventions:
Same list as above for Annual Meetings, plus:
Coordinate (with CC and Recruitment Comm.) statewide delegate recruitment (announcements, outreach, etc.)
Coordinate (with CC and PlenPLanComm) the GPCA Nominating Convention
Coordinate training and orientation of delegates
Coordinate (with SoS Liaison) the selection of Presidential Electors