Finance Committee

Finance Committee is charged with administering all GPCA’s Fiscal responsibilities as provided for in these bylaws and in fiscal Policy, including:

  • Develop and present the annual GPCA budget to the General Assembly for approval; including expense and income projections for the annual budget.
  • Submit timely filings of required documents to federal, state, and local election officials where appropriate.
  • Support and oversee the work of the Treasurer to carry out the required duties and responsibilities.
  • Compile, review, revise, and approve or reject budget requests from Committees for appropriation from the GPCA budget.
  • Develop and execute fundraising strategies for ensuring fiscal solvency.
  • Establish general principles for prioritizing the designation of campaign funds. File draft principles with the Coordinating Committee and Candidates Committee for comments at least 15 days prior to adoption.
  • Establish and maintain the GPCA Fiscal policy, and all necessary forms and processes for finance and budget related work.
  • Collect funds owed to the GPCA.
  • Get Involved

    We welcomes all registered Green volunteers to join in our work, contact our committee Coordinators to learn about our projects, be added to our email group, or to attend our monthly meetings. Volunteers may apply to the Coordinating Committee to be appointed to this Committee.

    Members (term)

    Justin Richardson, Treasurer, (11/2022 - 11/2024) appointed by the CC 10/2022 and confirmed by the General Assembly
    Susan Chunco