News: Green Mayor of Richmond Gayle Mclaughin Seeks Independent Investigation into Chevron's Oil Refinery Fire

Today on Democracy Now, Richmond Green Mayor Gayle Mclaughlin called for a full investigation of the August 6th Chevron Richmond Oil Refinery fire that sent 900 people to the hospital, "not only by Chevron, but by independent sources so that we can get a full analysis of what caused this fire and how we can assure the safety of our community that has suffered for decades from environmental and injustice."  Watch the video and read the transcript.

The previous night, Mclaughlin spoke at a town hall meeting attended by hundreds of residents, angry about refinery fire that cloaked the city in a dark cloud of particulates the night before. Mclaughlin reminded that Chevron has aggressively avoided paying their fair share of taxes for years, including filing lawsuits to avoid paying taxes brough about by voter approved passed Measure T, as well as their their County property taxes and hazardous materials fees, and not paying their full 10% utility tax. These taxes, which would add up to millions of dollars, would help create jobs and build community projects for a City that faces 17% unemployment. 

On August 7th, the morning after the fire, Mclaughlin put out this statement: “We live with this risk day in and day out. I will be seeking a full investigation and analysis from both Chevron and independent sources. I am calling on Chevron for full and complete transparency and accountability in determining what caused the health and safety of our residents to be jeopardized. Our community is rightfully concerned and we shall continue to seek full cooperation from Chevron regarding all aspects of their day-to-day operations of this inherently dangerous and complex process of oil refining.”