Press Release: Green Party of LA County Opposes Measure O in Hermosa Beach

Oil drilling off Hermosa Beach poses significant environmental and economic risks throughout Santa Monica Bay.

Election Report: Greens win 23 fall races in fall 2014 elections

Led by three present/former Green Mayors, 23 Greens were elected across California in November 4th elections - bringing to 64 the number of Greens holding elected office statewide, up from 60 in June 2014. Eleven of 13 Green incumbents were returned to office in November elections - 12/14 in 2014 overall.  

Richmond, CA Green Mayor Gayle McLaughin answers Chevron Corporation's attacks

The following interview is reprinted from Moyers and Company, October 30, 2014. Read the original here and listen here

Green Party Positions on Statewide Propositions - November 2014 General Election

Green supervisor re-elected, Statewide Green vote shows support for publicly-owned state bank, Top Two limits voter choice

Green candidates receive support from voters in June primary

Green County Supervisor Dan Hamburg re-elected

Long-time Green implements Ten Key Values in office

Green Party Voter Guide - June 3, 2014 Primary Election

Here are the Green Party of California recommendations for the June 3, 2014 statewide ballot:

Why the Green Party Opposes Proposition 41

Prop 41 should either authorize a publicly-owned state bank, or a feasibility study to start one

Why the Green Party opposes Proposition 42

Grassroots Democracy is one of the Key Values of the Green Party. We take transparency and access to information about one’s government very seriously.

Third Consecutive Young Green elected to Napa Valley College Board of Trustees

April Clary is the new Green Student Trustee


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