Greens think globally and act locally. In 2016 at least 17/46 Greens were elected in races for local elected office. In 2015, 14/17 Greens were elected in local races. In 2014, 34/58 Greens were elected in local races. Currently about 70 California Greens hold elected office statewide.

Since the founding of the Green Party of California in 1990, over 900 California Greens have run for public office and over 350 have been elected, including 344/727 in local races (47.3%).

Green city council majorities have existed in Arcata (1996-1998, 2004-2006), Sebastopol (2000-2008) and Fairfax (2009-2014). Thirty-seven California Greens have served as mayors, four as county supervisors and one in the State Assembly.

See the data base of all California Green candidates from 1990 to the present, how to run for office as a Green and more: