Community-Based Sustainable Economics

The keystone of the Green Party's economic program is community-based economics.

As an alternative to an economy owned by either government or gigantic corporations, Greens favor a Jeffersonian model with ownership and control spread as widely as possible among Californians.

Another key value for establishing our economic program is ecological wisdom. We stand in contrast to the dominant political perception that our nation can have either economic vitality or ecological sanity. It is our firm belief that these entities are not mutually exclusive.

The Green Party is focused on creating a new economy. The two major parties legislate with the goal of serving the special interests that control them. The result is small variations on the theme of maintaining the status quo.

So long as the focus of our economy is on profit and corporate growth, we will not be able to protect and respect ourselves and our resources.

We must shift our focus to people, sustainability, and economic justice