Campaign Funding Support Committee 2006


Mike Feinstein, Santa Monica (appointed by the Coordinating Committee)
Matt Leslie, Orange County (appointed by the Finance Committee)
Ellen Maisen, Van Nuys (appointed by the Coordinating Committee)
Jane Rands, Orange County (appointed by the Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)
Ken Smith, Solano County (appointed by the Finance Committee)
Resigned (moved out of state): Bud Feder, Alameda County

Letter: Oakland should stand with the Occupy movement - Laura Wells, GPCA spokesperson and Oakland resident

"Mayor Quan must know Oakland has been harmed tremendously by the same 1 percent the occupiers are fighting" - Laura Wells

Maintain and control?

Former Oakland Green Mayor Candidate speaks against the police violence against Occupy Oakland

Commentary: Using Police In Oakland to Clear Out Occupy Was a Mistake

By Don Macleay, Berkeley Daily Planet

Using the police to clear out Occupy Oakland was exactly the wrong thing to do.

Mayor Larry Bragman on What the Tea Partiers Can Gain From Greens

Watch the video of Green Party Mayor Larry Bragman at the Tea Party protest in Napa.

Green Party of CA endorses the Occupy Wall Street solidarity actions in CA and throughout the country

Green Party members across California are supporting and participating in the occupations of their towns and cities.


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