How to apply to serve on the Green National Committee

Delegates and alternates from the Green Party of California (GPCA) to the Green Natonal Commitee (of the Green Party of the United States) are elected every year in June elections, by the GPCA's Standing General Assembly.
* Eligibility is open to all Green Party members in California. Experience at the national, state, county or local party level is desired. Please review and reference the bylaws establishing the delegation and the delegate duties and guidelines.   Here are previous candidate statements.
* To submit a candidate application, send email no later than the last Monday of April to Applications; The subject header should be either "Application for GPUS Delegate" or "Application for GPUS Alternate.", depending upon for which you apply.  You can not apply for both at the same time.
* Candidates must submit an application to the Coordinating Committee by the last Monday of April to be eligible.
* Applications must include a biography and what they wish to accomplish on the Coordinating Committee, as well as the applicant's city and county. Biographies have traditionally included prior Green Party and other related work, as well as other qualifications as the applicant sees relevant.
Your application will be posted on-line alongside other applicants for the delegation, and will be presented to Standing General Assembly members for their votes.
For more information, contact Tarik Kanaana and Peggy Koteen, delegation co-cordinators.