Endorsed 2022 Statewide Candidates

In a historic decision, the Green Party of California has joined with the Peace and Freedom Party to endorse a joint Left Unity Slate of seven statewide candidates for the upcoming June 2022 election. In addition to advancing our shared values, this cooperative strategy increases the likelihood that both parties will reach 2% of the vote in at least one statewide race, which is a minimum threshold needed to retain ballot status.

But first, our candidates need YOUR help in Gathering Signatures. for their Petitions in Lieu of Filing Fee to get on the ballot. The deadline for submitting signatures is February 9! Learn how you can help here.

Please also reach out and support our Left Unity Slate of candidates listed below and DONATE to our “Statewide Green Candidates Fund”.

Luis J. Rodriguez (Green), Governor (https://www.luis4governor.org/)

Gary Blenner (Green), Secretary of State (Blenner4sos@gmail.com, facebook.com/Gary-Blenner-For-California-Secretary-of-State-105459485293028)

Laura Wells (Green), Controller (https://laurawells.org/)

Meghann Adams (Peace and Freedom), Treasurer (415-821-6171, 969 Mission St., SF, CA 94110)

Dan Kapelovitz (Green), Attorney General (Dan@RadicalLawCenter.com)

Nathalie Hrizi (Peace and Freedom), Insurance Commissioner (415-821-6171, 969 Mission St., SF, CA 94110)

John Parker (Peace and Freedom), U.S. Senate (johnthompsonparker@gmail.com)