Press Releases - Green Party of California (2009)

12/09/2009Air Resources Board decision to delay diesel emission rules would be 'criminal,' and will cost Californians dearly in lost lives, and medical costs, charges Green Party
12/01/2009Green Party in California opposes Obama escalation of Afghan War, calls it a 'betrayal' of voters; promises to run more candidates for state, federal office as the true peace party
11/19/2009Progressive Green reaches runoff in Assembly Special Election in conservative Orange County; criticizes campaign spending, and promises to reinstate public school, university funding
11/18/2009Greens say Leg Office budget report today should spur voters to consider Green Party candidates over 'status quo' in 2010
11/04/2009Greens gain majority on Bay Area city council, rack up wins in 6 local races in California in aftermath of Nov. 3 elections
11/03/2009Greens slam late-night water deal as attempt to build controversial peripheral canal and a 'commodification' of water to benefit the wealthy, and hurts average taxpayer
11/02/2009Greens could gain majority on Bay Area city council in Tuesday's elections; Green Party seeks to add to 34 state offices, 158 Greens are up for election nationwide
10/22/2009While Governor stumbles, California water woes continue; Greens suggest 'rational' plan that would cut corporate water use in favor of more conservation
06/05/2009Assembly candidate says governor wrong on taxes, suggests meeting budget by taxing booze and tobacco, releasing all non-violent prisoners and taxing polluters.
05/26/2009Green Party calls state Supreme Court decision to uphold Prop. 8 a 'sad day' for justice and equality; put blame not only on GOP, but Democratic Party
05/20/2009Continue voter revolt: kick the rascals out, urges state Green Party after ballot propositions crushed Tuesday; Green candidates would better serve the people
05/15/2009Governor making terroristic threats, and may be in delusional state in last ditch effort to intimidate voters to approve 'rotten' May 19 ballot props, charges Green Party.
05/04/2009Green Party turns thumbs-down to propositions on May 19 ballot, charge plan is 'rotten deal' that only gives voters 'choice' of being shot in arm or leg
01/20/2009Greens hail President Obama's historic moment, but suggest California Democrats are guilty of the very political transgressions that the President says should end
01/15/2009Green Party Response to the State of the State Address

Governor should blame himself for budget crisis; he refuses to accept ideas to help the state, and workers because it would hurt his wealthy friends, Green Party asserts
01/09/2009Democrats blocked legislation holding police accountable for misconduct; political solution may have prevented shooting death of Oakland youth on New Year's Day, charges Green Party