Press Releases - Green Party of California (2010)

Press Releases (2010)


Don't 'dump' social safety net, tax rich not workers, fairer voting system, full healthcare and get state troops out of the wars.
12/14/2010Green Party criticizes plans by ARB to undercut AB32 to benefit business polluters; Urges ARB to not cost Californians jobs, hurt environment and hike electric rates
11/03/2010GREEN PARTY POSTS KEY MAYORAL, LOCAL WINS; State and Congressional candidates also garner high vote totals, including more than 20% in South State race
11/01/2010Green Party of California announces ELECTION NIGHT parties
10/30/2010Gubernatorial Candidate spends weekend campaigning for votes...and Petition signatures to keep her out of jail
10/29/2010Green Party lists 34 candidates for federal, local and state offices, including arrested gubernatorial candidate; ELECTION NIGHT parties announced
10/13/2010Arrested Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells will fight charges; Calls debate 'fraud,' and the 'real crime' what's happening to California
10/12/2010Green Party gubernatorial candidate arrested at Governor's Debate; Court on...Election day
09/30/2010Green Party US Senate candidate backs 'immediate amnesty' for millions of undocumented workers in US
09/22/2010Democratic, Republican Attorney General candidates not fully qualified to serve California, charges environmental attorney, Green Party candidate Peter Allen
09/16/2010State Green Party releases positions on state ballot propositions; GPCA supports Prop. 19/marijuana legalization, opposes suspension of clean air laws
09/01/2010Debatable Debate: Tonight's Boxer, Fiorina Senate debate a 'sham' between multi-millionaires claims Green Party Senate candidate; he's banned from Wednesday event; protest scheduled
08/18/2010Green Party of California calls Prop. 8 court decision to freeze same-sex marriages until at least December a mistake that prolongs 'agony' for many in state
08/05/2010Prop. 14 lawsuit backed by Greens; independent party agrees courts should strike down big business-backed measure which misled voters, limits their vote choices
06/09/2010Greens support lawsuit, consider initiative to nullify Prop. 14; Measure is a clear example of how big money buys California elections, charges Green Party gubernatorial nominee
05/01/2010Video: Campaign to Defeat Prop 14
04/20/2010Green Party founder offers to replace Ross Johnson as FPPC commissioner, cites need for fairness in elections, end 'sham' of pretending to fairly regulate election process
03/10/2010Green Party of California endorses just one ballot measure on June ballot; Proposition 15 would reduce corrupting influence of lobbyists on elections, Greens say
03/05/2010Green Party of California announces state meeting in San Jose this weekend; party candidates talk about capitalizing on voter dissatisfaction
02/06/2010Green Party of California marks 20-year anniversary in Berkeley Saturday, says growing voter dissatisfaction justifies the party's relevance today more than ever before
01/27/2010Former presidential candidate, and 2 state gubernatorial candidates criticize decision granting corporations 'free speech' rights, ability to buy elections in California
01/13/2010Green Party Assembly candidate garners 13 times party registration in Special Election; Urges winner to adopt Instant Runoff Voting to save taxpayers money
01/08/2010Governor Budget Response:
Green Party hits governor's protection of the wealthy, while punishing children, elderly and poorest in the state
01/06/2010RESPONSE TO STATE of the STATE
Governor message falls short of being 'Green,' threatens state's environmental health while wrongly privatizing public jobs, charges Green Party of California