Regional Bylaws - Central Coast Region

Approved in 2005.

The Central Coast has evolved a procedure for electing its one representative and one alternate as follows:

We call a regional meeting with the election on the agenda and invite all active Greens in our three counties (San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura) to attend and vote: active Greens are defined by each county council.

We take nominations in advance of the meeting as well as at the meeting.

We elect the representative first, using IRV to determine the winner. We then elect the alternate, using IRV (non-winning candidates for representative are free to run for alternate).

If a representative resigns during his or her term, the alternate becomes the representative for the rest of the term, and we endeavor to elect a new alternate for the rest of the term.

If we fail to call a regional meeting at the end of a representative’s term, we elect the representative and alternate at the first possible General Assembly thereafter, using the same voting criteria set out above.