GPCA Work Plans and Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan FY 2023-2024 (approved by online General Assembly, November 2022, updated Sept. 2023)
Strategic Plan FY 2022-2023 (approved by online General Assembly, December 2021)
Strategic Plan FY 2021-2023 (approved by online General Assembly, November 2020)
Strategic Plan FY 2020-2022 (approved by Fresno General Assembly, Dec 2019)
Strategic Plan FY 2017-2019 (approved by Sacramento General Assembly, June 2017)
Strategic Plan FY 2016-2018 (approved by San Francisco General Assembly, May 2016)
Strategic Plan FY 2015-2017 (approved by San Jose General Assembly, June 2015)
Strategic Plan FY 2014-2016 (approved by Santa Barbara General Assembly, June 2014)
Strategic Plan FY 2013-2015 (approved by Napa General Assembly, June 2013)
Strategic Plan FY 2012-2014 (approved by San Francisco General Assembly, May 2012)
GPCA 2007-2010 Draft Work PlanGeneral Assemblies / Budget Dates • Elections • Groups • Officers
GPCA 2007-2009 Draft Strategic Plan - index 
GPCA 2004-2008 4-Year Plan: Goals and Timeline - .html, .xls
• GPCA Two-Year Plan, 2002 - .pdf, .rtf
GPCA Draft state party timeline 1999-2001 
• Project 2000Resolution to Hire Staff and Maintain a Statewide Voter Registration Program, Clearinghouse, Newsletter, and Direct-Mail Fundraising Program for the Green Party of California (adopted by Mendocino General Assembly, September 1997)
• Green Party Strategy for 1992; Kent Smith, Strategy Coordinator, 12/14/91
Green Party Strategy for 1990-1991: page one, page two. Strategy Committee, Green Party Organizing Committee

GPCA Bylaws Article 10, as last amended 1/18/2013 describes:

Section 10-1 Work Plans Where it is specified in the bylaws that govern them, each Committee and Working Group shall prepare a yearly Work Plan. The Work Plan shall identify the objectives of that Committee or Working Group for the upcoming fiscal year, any proposals it foresees bringing before the General Assembly during that period, and a projected timeline of its activities. The Work Plan objectives must be congruent with duties and authority of the Committee or Working Group.
Section 10-2 Strategic Plan The Coordinating Committee shall present a draft Two-Year Strategic Plan to the General Assembly for approval along with the annual budget, using input from a brainstorming session of the General Assembly and the Work Plans of the Committees and Working Groups. The Two-Year Strategic Plan shall include a two-year General Assembly schedule, including potential agenda items, based upon the requirements for General Assembly decisions in these bylaws and the projected agenda items in the Work Plans of the Committees and Working Groups. The two-year General Assembly schedule shall be revised annually, with scheduling remaining flexible and final agenda approval for each General Assembly up to each General Assembly.